5 Ways to Prevent the Flu From Your Home

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Each year, more than 1 billion people around the world catch the flu. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take care during flu season and minimize its spread. One of the best ways to do this is by getting your flu shot. Many who do end up catching the flu buy Tamiflu or medications like it to lessen the symptoms.

Once that’s done, there’s more you can do to keep the flu from getting inside of your home.

Do you want to learn more about protecting yourself and your family members? Read on and we’ll tell you what you can do to stop the spread of influenza.

1. Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning is part of your regular home maintenance routine, but during flu season it can be beneficial to go a little deeper.

In addition to regular cleaning, you should wash down surfaces even better during flu season. Use soap and water to clean all the surfaces around your home that your family touches.

Once they’re all washed down, you should also disinfect them. The washing will make sure that the surface is spotless. The disinfectant will ensure that there are no germs left.

Some of the most important places to take extra care of are the high-traffic areas of your home. This can be anything that is touched by many members of the household daily.

Examples of these areas can be phones, door handles, and remotes. If one member of the family is carrying the flu virus, and they touch one of these surfaces, it becomes infected.

If another member comes along and also touches it, they can also carry and spread the virus.

By cleaning regularly, you’ll be eliminating the number of germs that are in your household. This lowers the chance of you or your family being infected.

2. Consider Your Humidity Levels

It’s common for the humidity in your home to be lower in the wintertime. But did you know that the flu virus thrives in a low humidity environment?

If you want to keep the virus to a minimum in your home, it’s important to regulate your humidity levels.

Higher humidity gives the flu virus a harder time to live on surfaces. The higher the humidity, the harder it is for the virus to live.

However, you don’t want to have your humidity levels too high. If they are, it can cause mold to grow in your home.

The recommended humidity levels for your home in the winter is between 40% and 60%. This makes it high enough so that the virus can’ thrive, but low enough that there’s not as much chance to develop mold.

To keep the virus out, you may benefit from having a humidifier. It will help to regulate the humidity in your home to a level that you’re comfortable with. At the same time, it will stop the flu virus from being able to survive as long.

This is a great tip to take advantage of and keep your family safe and healthy.

3. Don’t Touch

The flu spreads through the eyes, nose, and mouth. To lower the risk of infection, your family should try to keep their hands away from these areas.

Once you touch an infected surface, the germs that were on that surface are transferred to your hands. If you then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, the germs will have the chance to get inside of your body. This is how you catch the flu.

It can be difficult to follow through with this tip, but it’s a crucial one to prevent the flu.

4. Wash and Sanitize

During flu season, everyone should be washing and sanitizing their hands regularly.

It’s good practice to do this each time that you think of it. The more you do, the lower the chance of getting the flu is.

One great way to remind your family to do this is to make sure that these two supplies are always in view. Be sure that there’s always soap at the sinks and sanitizer in different areas around the house. Seeing it everywhere will remind them to do it frequently.

Sanitizer may miss some of the germs that soap and water tend to catch. Using it alongside regular hand washing is important. These two practices being used together are one of the best lines of defense against the flu.

It’s common for some to avoid handwashing and sanitization due to cracked or dry hands. If anyone in your family neglects it for this reason, it’s important that they use good hand cream to keep the moisture in.

This should help them feel more comfortable with following through.

5. Buy Tamiflu

If the virus has already made it into your home and infected a family member, then it may be time for another measure.

Tamiflu is a medication that should only be taken once you’re infected with the flu virus. If you’re experiencing symptoms, taking Tamiflu can lessen them and help you recover faster.

It’s taken orally, and you can get it from an online pharmacy in New Zealand.

If you do happen to catch the flu, Tamiflu can make the recovery much more tolerable.

How Can a New Zealand Pharmacy Help Me?

Preventing the flu can start with these tips. However, despite all of your best efforts, there’s always a risk of infection.

At Kiwi Pharmacy, we carry flu drugs that can help you recover from the virus. They can lessen the symptoms and you can order them online.

For those who need treatment or want to have it on hand just in case, this is a great way to do it.

Stay Healthy This Flu Season

With these tips, you know how to effectively protect yourself and your family from the flu in your home. You’re prepared to stay healthy throughout the stressful flu season ahead.

At Kiwi Pharmacy, we have medications for all your over-the-counter needs. You can order online at your own convenience.

Are you looking to buy Tamiflu or other medications to help manage flu symptoms? If so, find out more about Tamiflu today!

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