Semaglutide NZ: Is It Available in New Zealand?

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Semaglutide has been around for a whole lot longer than most people realize. It was first developed way back in 2012, and it eventually made a name for itself by becoming an effective medication for those dealing with type 2 diabetes.

But most people only started to get familiar with Semaglutide over the last year or two. It went “viral” on TikTok and other social media platforms and captured a lot of media attention both in New Zealand and in other countries because of it.

So, what is Semaglutide? What is the difference between Dulaglutide vs Semaglutide? And can you find Semaglutide in NZ?

Learn all about Semaglutide below.

What Is Semaglutide?

If you’ve kept up with the online craze surrounding Semaglutide, you might already know what it is. But if you haven’t been keeping tabs on Semaglutide, you might be wondering what it is and, more importantly, why so many people have been so excited about it as of late.

As we alluded to earlier, Semaglutide was first developed more than a decade ago by the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. It was later approved for use as a diabetic medication in the U.S. under the brand name Ozempic. Doctors started prescribing it to help treat type 2 diabetes at that time.

But a lot of the hype that has surrounded Semaglutide didn’t come to fruition until 2021 when Semaglutide was also approved for use as a weight loss drug in the U.S. and the U.K. under the brand name Wegovy. That’s when a lot of people started talking about Semaglutide, Ozempic, and Wegovy on social media and singing its praises when it came to helping them lose weight.

How Does Semaglutide Work?

While many people have at the very least heard about Semaglutide and the positive impact it may be able to have on those trying to control type 2 diabetes and/or lose weight, not everyone knows exactly how it works. If you’ve been thinking about putting Semaglutide to the test, it would be very beneficial for you to have a firm understanding of how Semaglutide works when you put it into your body.

When used properly, Semaglutide is designed to slow down how quickly your stomach empties after you eat. It’s also designed to make your pancreas create more insulin than it would normally while also making your liver produce less blood sugar than it would under normal circumstances.

All of this should leave you feeling fuller for a longer time after you’ve eaten a meal. It should also lead to you having less of an appetite than you would otherwise. It’s why Semaglutide has proven to be so effective both for those battling type 2 diabetes and those trying to lose weight.

How Is Semaglutide Taken?

There are a couple of different ways that people can take Semaglutide when it has been prescribed to them by their doctor. More often than not, Semaglutide will need to be taken in the form of injectables that a person will have to give to themselves either once each day or once each week.

There are also oral Semaglutide pills available in some countries. But Novo Nordisk hasn’t released these pills on a global level just yet. If you plan to try to take Semaglutide in NZ, you will find that you won’t be able to take it in pill form at this time.

Can You Find Semaglutide in NZ?

For several years, those living in New Zealand weren’t able to find Semaglutide products like Ozempic, Wegovy, and even Rybelsus. These products were readily available in places like the U.S. and the U.K., but there wasn’t Semaglutide in NZ for those interested in using it as a diabetic medication or a weight loss drug.

But that all changed in March 2023. New Zealand’s medical regulatory body Medsafe officially approved Semaglutide in NZ as a type 2 diabetes treatment. This has opened the door for those in New Zealand to start using Semaglutide, though it’s worth noting that it hasn’t been approved as a weight loss drug just yet.

There is always a chance that Medsafe could eventually approve Semaglutide in NZ as a weight loss medication. But for now, it’s only set to be prescribed to those who plan to utilize it as a diabetic medication.

What Is the Difference Between Dulaglutide vs Semaglutide?

As more and more people in New Zealand and other parts of the world learn about Semaglutide, there are some who have started to wonder what differences exist between Dulaglutide vs Semaglutide. Dulaglutide is the active ingredient found in Trulicity, which is another diabetic medication that can be prescribed to those with type 2 diabetes.

Dulaglutide and Semaglutide both belong to the same drug class and can have a similar effect on a person’s body in certain cases. But recent studies have suggested that Semaglutide might be more effective when it comes to both lowering a diabetic person’s blood glucose levels and helping them to lose weight.

There are still many studies being done on Dulaglutide vs Semaglutide. But most of the studies that have already been completed give Semaglutide a slight edge over Dulaglutide.

Should You Give Semaglutide a Try?

Now that you can get your hands on Semaglutide in NZ, you should consider testing it out to see if it’s able to produce results for you. Speak with your doctor about it to see if they think it can help you take better control of your blood glucose levels.

When taking Semaglutide in the form of Ozempic, you should be able to see improvements in these levels. You might also experience weight loss when taking Semaglutide, which will allow you to further get your type 2 diabetes under control both now and well into the future.

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