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Online Doctor

Our licensed online doctor will review your medical history, answer questions you have, and make any appropriate suggestions for medications or treatments.

Have all your prescriptions filled without having to set up expensive local doctor appointments to renew your prescription first. Our online doctor will review your patient history, and write a prescription that we use to fill the order. (Read Details)

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Acne Image


Allergies Image


Asthma Image


Athlete's Foot Image

Athlete's Foot2

Chlamydia Image


Cold Sores Image

Cold Sores3

Constipation Image


Diabetes Image


Diarrhea Image


Dry Eyes Image

Dry Eyes2

Erectile Dysfunction Image

Erectile Dysfunction124

Fungal Nail Infections Image

Fungal Nail Infections3

Genital Warts Image

Genital Warts6

Gonorrhea Image


Hair Loss Image

Hair Loss4

Hay Fever Image

Hay Fever7

Heartburn Image


Heavy or Painful Periods Image

Heavy or Painful Periods16

Hemorrhoids Image


Herpes Image


High Blood Pressure Image

High Blood Pressure47

Hirsutism Image




Insomnia Image


Irritable Bowel Syndome (IBS) Image

Irritable Bowel Syndome (IBS)11

Malaria Image


Menopause (HRT) Image

Menopause (HRT)73

Migraines Image


Nausea Image


Obesity Image


Oral Thrush Image

Oral Thrush2

Period Delay Tablets Image

Period Delay Tablets2

Premature Ejaculation Image

Premature Ejaculation3

Ringworm and Jock Itch Image

Ringworm and Jock Itch3

Rosacea Image


STDs/STIs Image


Threadworms Image


Thrush Image


Trichomonas Vaginalis (TV) Image

Trichomonas Vaginalis (TV)1

Underactive Thyroid Image

Underactive Thyroid16

Urinary Incontinence Image

Urinary Incontinence7

Urinary Urgency Image

Urinary Urgency7

Online doctor deals

84 Tablets
USD 188.63
USD 157.19


Prebel - pregabalin - 300mg - 100 Capsules
300mg pregabalin
100 Capsules
USD 239.99
USD 199.99

Strattera Oral Solution

Strattera Oral Solution - atomoxetine - 4mg/ml - 300ml
4mg/ml atomoxetine
USD 411.55
USD 342.96


Cozaar - losartan - 25mg - 28 Tablets
25mg losartan
28 Tablets
USD 77.16
USD 64.30

Angitil XL

Angitil XL - diltiazem xl - 240mg - 84 Capsules
240mg diltiazem ​xl
84 Capsules
USD 112.45
USD 93.71


Topcid - famotidine - 40mg - 84 Tablets
40mg famotidine
84 Tablets
USD 71.99
USD 59.99


Neurontin - gabapentin - 100mg - 100 Caps
100mg gabapentin
100 Caps
USD 35.99
USD 29.99


Ranexa - ranolazine - 750mg - 60 Tablets
750mg ranolazine
60 Tablets
USD 205.78
USD 171.48

Ovral G

Ovral G - norgestrel/ethinyl estradiol - 0.5mg/0.05mg - 84 Tablets
0.5mg/0.05mg norgestrel/​ethinyl ​estradiol
84 Tablets
USD 95.99
USD 79.99

Uniphyllin Continus

Uniphyllin Continus - theophylline cr - 300mg - 56 Tablets
300mg theophylline ​cr
56 Tablets
USD 42.86
USD 35.72

Cardura XL

Cardura XL - doxazosin sr - 4mg - 28 Tablets
4mg doxazosin ​sr
28 Tablets
USD 34.98
USD 29.15

Slozem XL

Slozem XL - diltiazem xl - 120mg - 84 Capsules
120mg diltiazem ​xl
84 Capsules
USD 101.86
USD 84.88


Muse - alprostadil - 250mcg - 6 Pack
250mcg alprostadil
6 Pack
USD 274.37
USD 228.64


Zestril - lisinopril - 20mg - 84 Tablets
20mg lisinopril
84 Tablets
USD 162.90
USD 135.75


Elavil - amitriptyline - 10mg - 100 Tablets
10mg amitriptyline
100 Tablets
USD 47.99
USD 39.99

Folifast Hair Lotion

Folifast Hair Lotion - benzyl nicotinate/vitamin k/salicylic acid - 0.2%/0.2%/0.1% - 3 Bottles
0.2%/0.2%/0.1% benzyl ​nicotinate/​vitamin ​k/​salicylic ​acid
3 Bottles
USD 50.40
USD 42.00

Lidocaine 5% Ointment

Lidocaine 5% Ointment - lidocaine - 5% - 15g
5% lidocaine
USD 49.73
USD 41.44


Ezedoc - ezetimibe - 10mg - 100 Tablets
10mg ezetimibe
100 Tablets
USD 167.99
USD 139.99


Testogel - testosterone - 50mg per 5g - 30 sachets
50mg per 5g testosterone
30 sachets
USD 205.78
USD 171.48

Dalacin C

Dalacin C - clindamycin - 150mg - 24 Capsules
150mg clindamycin
24 Capsules
USD 68.58
USD 57.15


Trazonil - trazodone - 25mg - 30 Tablets
25mg trazodone
30 Tablets
USD 30.96
USD 25.80


Levitra - vardenafil - 20mg - 30 Tablets
20mg vardenafil
30 Tablets
USD 71.99
USD 59.99


Topamax - topiramate - 25mg - 60 Tablets
25mg topiramate
60 Tablets
USD 101.17
USD 84.31


Parlodel - bromocriptine - 1mg - 100 Tablets
1mg bromocriptine
100 Tablets
USD 274.37
USD 228.64

Online doctor

Our team of licensed doctors are ready to assist in getting you the medication you require or consulting with you on a variety of topics from weight loss to gender transition.

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Kiwi operates its online doctor service from countries, such as the UK, where the online doctor service is regulated and the doctors and pharmacies we work with are regulated and approved to provide online doctor consultations in those regions.

Kiwi Drug's Doctor Service is not intended to replace the care of your primacy care physician. We have a policy that customers must consult their regular physician in order to initialize treatment. Evidence of previous physician authorization of ordered products is required in order for the pharmacy and medical team to confirm your order. If there are any concerns the online doctor will ask you via chat after placing your order. New Zealand Customers please note: We recommend that you visit your local pharmacy for prescription services as you will most likely qualify for subsidized medications. You will need to provide a valid New Zealand prescription for this.

No - only prescription medications listed and marked as "online doctor" or with the "Dr" symbol next to them do not require a current prescription to be sent in, OR any over the counter item (marked "OTC").

If a prescription medication is only available in New Zealand for example, we cannot ship it from there without a current prescription on file for every order/shipment. We can change orders after being placed to their online doctor counterparts, but only if such a counterpart exists (for example in the UK), and any price difference would be the responsibility of the customer, as costs vary from country to country.

No, we are not allowed to send the prescription in the shipment to the customer. This is partly to prevent double-use of the same prescription. It is kept on file with our fulfilling pharmacy only.

If you have a domestic (from the shipping destination country) prescription you would like us to include in the shipment to help it across the border, you must advise us prior to ordering. We try to ship orders as promptly as possible. Keep in mind it can take 1-2 business days for such requests to be resolved, as they require escalation.

Kiwi does not charge for its online doctor consultation, when it is part of an order with items that will ship to a customer. Most sites charge over 25GBP/30USD per order for this consult fee, but Kiwi does not.

If you want to consult with the doctor apart from placing an order for shipment, then there is a fee for that.

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