What Is Zomig and Its Side Effects?

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Are you someone who suffers from migraine headaches on a regular basis? Migraines have, unfortunately, become all too common throughout the world. One recent survey found that about 10% of people suffer from migraines regularly on a global level. Those between the ages of 20 and 50 seem to be the most susceptible to migraines, but people of all ages can suffer from them. If chronic migraines are keeping you down a little too often, you should speak with your doctor about possibly taking Zomig.

Also known by its generic name Zolmitriptan, Zomig can really come in handy for those who have to deal with chronic migraines all the time.

But before you ask your doctor if they would be willing to prescribe you Zomig to help you achieve optimal health, you should learn more about how it works, what side effects might come along with using it, and more.

Get all the information you need on Zomig below.

What Is Zomig?

Zomig is a prescription drug that has been used for more than 30 years now. It’s designed to treat chronic migraine headaches.

Zomig is a part of a class of drugs that are all known as triptans. Triptans are known to combat many of the symptoms associated with migraines, including:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light

When taken at the first sign of a migraine, Zomig should help a person eliminate the symptoms we just touched on so that they can get back to leading a normal life. Over the years, Zomig has proven to be an effective prescription drug for those who get frequent migraines and aren’t able to get relief from over-the-counter medications.

What Does Zomig Do?

Unfortunately, Zomig will not help to prevent a person from experiencing migraines in the future. It’s also not going to affect how often a person will get migraines.

But if you’re suffering a migraine in the moment, Zomig might be able to help it to go away faster than it would go away on its own. Zomig does this by stimulating the serotonin receptors that are situated in a person’s brain.

By doing this, Zomig is able to narrow the blood vessels in a person’s brain. It will help to get rid of the pain they feel because of a migraine.

It’s important for those who get chronic migraines to have Zomig handy so that they can take it as soon as they start to suffer a migraine. The sooner they’re able to take it, the quicker it will be able to get to work and stop a migraine from setting in more than it already has.

How Is Zomig Taken?

There are two different forms of Zomig available. You can find it in both tablet and nasal spray forms.

More often than not, your doctor is going to start you off with a low dosage of Zomig in tablet form to see how you respond to it since not all chronic migraine sufferers will find that Zomig will work for them. The lowest dosage of Zomig in tablet form is 2.5 mg, and there is also a 5 mg tablet available.

A Zomig tablet should be taken as soon as you notice migraine symptoms starting to set in. You should take it with water, and you might also want to consider taking it with food if you’re experiencing any nausea.

You should start to feel the effects of taking Zomig within about 30 minutes. But it can take up to 2 hours for it to work in some cases depending upon the severity of a migraine headache.

If you continue to experience a migraine more than 2 hours after taking Zomig, you can take another Zomig tablet. But you shouldn’t take more than 10 mg of Zomig within a 24-hour period.

What Are the Side Effects of Zomig?

There are a handful of side effects that you might be forced to deal with after taking Zomig. These side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Dry mouth
  • Numbness
  • Drowsiness

Most people who use Zomig will not experience any serious side effects, but there are several potentially serious side effects that should be on your radar. Taking Zomig may, for example, cause you to experience high blood pressure.

You might also experience cold hands and feet or blue fingers and toes after taking Zomig. These are considered to be serious side effects, and you should contact your doctor right away if you notice them.

Any time you use a prescription medication like Zomig that affects your brain’s serotonin levels, you will also need to be mindful of the possibility of a condition called serotonin syndrome. This condition can cause confusion, rapid heart rate, tremors, high fever, seizures, and more.

Where Can You Obtain Zomig?

Do you believe you may be able to benefit from taking Zomig to treat painful migraine headaches? If so, you should bring it up to your doctor as soon as possible. They’ll be able to let you know if Zomig might be a good option for you.

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