How Online Pharmacies Promote Accessible Healthcare

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Online pharmacies are the latest trend in creating accessible healthcare. Approximately four hundred online pharmacies are operating within the United States. There are likely thousands more worldwide. 

There is a lot of debate around the legitimacy of online pharmacies. Digital pharmacies are finding their space. Accessible healthcare for all is becoming a more pressing issue. 

There are plenty of reasons why online pharmacies are of great benefit. In this article, we will explore a few of those reasons. We will also explore how accessible pharmacy care goes hand-in-hand with online pharmacies.

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What Is an Online Pharmacy?

First, let us dive into the definition of an online pharmacy.

As the name suggests, an online pharmacy fills prescription orders online. The product is then shipped to your address. 

The best online pharmacies are scrupulous establishments. They follow strict regulations and protect your private information. They often use licensed pharmacists and technicians to help answer customer questions.

You can expect to go through a strict ordering process when purchasing on an online pharmacy. These strict processes keep your information safe and private. It is to your benefit that online pharmacies operate within a certain set of guidelines. 

How Do They Work?

Not all online pharmacies work in the same way. But in general, you can expect to experience certain things.

First, you will need a valid prescription from a licensed medical professional. If an online pharmacy does not ask for a prescription, you are not dealing with a legitimate pharmacy.

An online pharmacy operates with the same protections that a physical location does. The online pharmacy will connect with your medical team to verify your prescription. They will also check the number of refills with your prescriptions.

Once your prescription is ready, it ships to your address. Some pharmacies offer auto-refills, so when you are ready for a refill, you do not have to think about it.

You will still need to visit your doctor to ensure your prescriptions are still needed. But an online pharmacy makes it very easy to order and take your prescriptions. This ensures that you remain healthy and regular with your prescriptions.

What Regulations Go Into Online Pharmacies?

Online pharmacies are still new. One of the major concerns with online pharmacies is the regulations that go into them.

In the UK, the Care Quality Commission supervises online pharmacies. The Commission requires pharmacies under its regulation to act with certain intentions:

  • Ethical operation
  • Secure, confidential patient records
  • Availability of your records for patient viewing
  • Patient satisfaction survey and complaint procedure

It may seem easy to shirk these intentions. But it is in a pharmacy’s best interest to adhere to the standards. Dismissal from the Care Quality Commission makes it difficult to work in the medical field.

A registrant of the Commission also benefits from the Commission’s reputation. Commission membership inspires trust and security. This reputation goes a long way in securing new customers.

Customers can also rest assured that the Commission backs an online pharmacy. There are procedures in place with the Commission that allows for complaints and investigations to be made if need be.

Counterfeit vs Real: How to Determine a Genuine Online Pharmacy

In 2013, the United States Food and Drug Administration shut down over sixteen hundred illegitimate online pharmacies. For those who are not savvy, a counterfeit online pharmacy may not be so different than a real one.

But there are signs to look out for to determine if an online pharmacy is real or not.

One very obvious sign is a phone number. An online pharmacy promising great discounts seems great. But one that does not list a contact number anywhere on their site is not a legitimate pharmacy.

Steep discounts are another obvious sign. We all love to save money, especially on prescriptions. But promised discounts of hundreds of dollars or more can be a warning sign.

The price of prescription drugs is well-regulated. Websites that entice customers with low prices are likely not genuine.

If a website does not require a genuine prescription from an authorized prescriber, consider this a warning sign. Ordering prescription drugs with no prescription can be extremely dangerous. And a website that does not require this authorized prescription is not likely to have any clue as to what they are doing.

How Will Online Pharmacies Benefit Me?

Accessible healthcare has long been a worldwide problem. 

Great strides have been made in the twenty-first century, but worldwide healthcare is far from perfect. This is where online pharmacies come into play.

Online pharmacies can fill the gaps left in rural areas. For those who cannot get to a pharmacy regularly, online pharmacies are a lifesaver. 

Those who are physically unable to make regular trips to a pharmacy will greatly benefit from online pharmacy deliveries. Some online pharmacies also offer prescription services through internal doctors. Services like these go a long way in providing accessible healthcare for all.

A doctor at an online pharmacy is not intended to replace a primary care physician. But, for those with limited mobility or who live in rural areas, online pharmacies ensure their medications are filled.

Accessible Healthcare for All

Online pharmacies have a long way to go. But the start they are getting online is going a tremendous distance in ensuring accessible healthcare for everyone. 

Since online pharmacies can be accessed from anywhere, patients are not limited to visiting prescriptions during limited hours. Some online pharmacies also provide prescription services with their own doctors. This can help a person to remain on regular medication without the stress of seeing their doctor.

At Kiwi, we consider your health to be our responsibility. We aim to make ordering prescriptions easy and safe for people all across the globe. 

For more information on Kiwi, what we do, and how we can help you get your prescriptions, contact us. We look forward to assisting you however we can.

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