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Registered with the
Care Quality Commission

Kiwi Drug provides an online doctor service through its UK affiliate, which is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide prescriptions online.

Prescriptions are dispensed by an NHS pharmacy regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

The regulations ensure genuine medicine is dispensed from an associated NHS pharmacy. It also guarantees accurate information is given and careful checks are carried out.

The doctors at Kiwi Drug's affiliate must act in your best interests at all times, by law.

Problems with non-regulated websites

Non-regulated websites may supply fake medicine. This medicine may be ineffective or dangerous. Non-regulated websites sometimes supply medicines produced in substandard conditions. The medicine may contain inactive powder or could even be toxic.

People receiving prescription medicine should be given accurate medical information. Prescription medicine should only be supplied after checks for contraindication have been carried out.

A person taking prescription medicine should know what they are taking and should know the medicine is right for them.

Our doctors

Kiwi Drug's affiliate's doctors are GMC registered. Most are experienced GPs. They are all trained in providing prescription medicine online. The doctors are individually responsible for the prescriptions they issue. Registered pharmacists are responsible for dispensing.

About the regulations

The Care Quality Commission standards specify who can provide an online prescription services and how those services are provided.

Kiwi Drug's affiliate complies with the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

  • We must operate ethically and keep patients informed.
  • We must keep your details confidential and secure.
  • Your records must be available to you (see My Account area).
  • We must survey patient satisfaction and have a complaints and feedback procedure.

Shipments from New Zealand

As a New Zealand pharmacy, we are members of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand and the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand. Our pharmacists are registered with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand. Our pharmacy is audited on a regular basis by Medicines Control, Ministry Of Health, New Zealand - in accordance with the laws of operating a New Zealand pharmacy. You can be safe in the assurance that our pharmacy has passed all the requirements of the Medicines Control authority.

Our pharmacists are members of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. The Pharmaceutical Society is the professional body for New Zealand pharmacists. The Society provides professional support, education, training and career development for all pharmacists, assisting and enabling them to deliver best practice and professional services for the public.

As we are a full retail and dispensing pharmacy, we are also members of the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand. The Pharmacy Guild provides member pharmacies and pharmacists with a diverse range of services designed to support and enhance the commercial and professional interests of community pharmacy.

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