8 Powerful and Effective Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body

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Due to the current pandemic, our sedentary lifestyle has meant that more and more of us are concerned about maintaining a healthy mind and body. 

Whether it be mental or physical, our health is paramount if we want to live happy lives. So what steps can we take to improve the quality of our lives? The good news is a big bank balance isn’t the answer.

Follow our 8 tips and you will see that anyone can greatly improve their situation and start to see the results straight away! 

1. Sleep More 

If sleep was a prescription drug, we would all be clamoring for it. When we get enough sleep, it improves our brain function, aids in weight loss, helps us battle against a host of diseases, and gives us the time to process what has happened over the day leading to improved emotional health. 

The reality is the vast majority of us are not getting enough. To help shift the balance we can make small changes like cutting down on screentime at least 30 mins before bed and having a fixed, regular bedtime routine. 

2. Drink More Water

The link between a healthy mind and body and drinking more water couldn’t be any clearer. Up to 85% of our brains are made up of water. Knowing this, it is easy to understand why there is a correlation between things such as our concentration, memory, and even mood and the amount that we take in every day. 

To see the benefits, take control of the situation by carrying a water bottle, and that way you can track just how much you have drunk throughout the day. 

The amount you need can vary from person to person based on the weather and other factors but there is no doubt that you, like many others, are drinking far less than you should be. 

3. Strengthening Your Body Can Help Strengthen Your Mind

Being able to overcome any obstacle can provide you with joy due to the demonstration of mental fortitude. If however your couple this with physical exertion then you’re onto a real winner. 

Lifting weights releases many endorphins, chemicals that relieve stress and pain and lift up your mood, so that buzz you feel when you leave the gym isn’t imaginary. Along with improving your overall body composition, including weights in your exercise routine provides you with all you need to have a healthy mind and body long into the future.  

4. Showing More Gratitude

In this me-first world that we live in, where many are in the business of self-promotion, recognizing that we all stand on the shoulders of giants is an overlooked quality. 

Whether it be our parents, partner, friends, and even our employer, we should make it a habit to stop occasionally and think about where we would be without these influences. But we shouldn’t stop there. Seek to show your appreciation also. 

Doing so fosters an environment of kindness and generosity, all vital for someone who is interested in maintaining a healthy mind and body. 

5. Write To-Do Lists

If you are a busy person you already know about the physical strain of having a cluttered mind. One simple but effective way of easing your mind is getting things out of your head and onto the page. 

This is so effective because as we strike things off our list, we are able to reflect and see what we have done, rather than focus on what we haven’t. We also avoid leaving things undone, the things that have a habit of troubling us no matter how insignificant, often at 1 am when we are trying to get that all important sleep. This is called the “Ziegarnik effect” and can be avoided by keeping and sticking to a humble to-do list. 

6. Get Out for a Walk  

Often when we think of fitness we think of hitting the gym and doing intense exercise, however, just 30 minutes of walking can do wonders for a healthy mind and body. 

Regularly getting outside has links to helping with depression, weight loss, and heart disease. It is easy to do and doesn’t take much time or effort. 

To get the best benefits, disconnect from everything, and try to be in the present. You will be surprised at how many interesting things there are in your local neighborhood that you probably haven’t paid attention to. If silence isn’t golden, use the time to speak to a friend or listen to an audiobook or upbuilding podcast.

7. Review Your Inner Circle 

Unlike our family, our friend group isn’t inscribed into law. That being said our friends can often be a bigger influence in our lives than our own blood.

If you are conscious of attaining or maintaining a healthy mind and body, it would be good therefore to see who will help and support you in achieving that goal. While we don’t need to ditch those who have been with us through thick and thin, cutting off toxic relationships can only be beneficial. Remember, good friends can help you in multiple ways so don’t be an island. Find people that enrich you, and seek to enrich the lives of those you already hold dear.    

8. Take a Screen Vacation 

You can’t help it, we know. All of us have become victims to our devices, and that is not a criticism, just a fair reflection of the necessities of modern life especially in this post-COVID environment. But knowing when to switch off can be difficult. 

Blue light from screens gives off the same effect as sunlight, meaning that excessive use at night time can give us trouble sleeping. On top of that, back and neck pain, as well as obesity are all linked to excessive screen time. 

The antidote? Earnestly look for a pastime that doesn’t need charging.

We have already mentioned walking, but board games with the family, sports, or reading a book all engage us in ways that we were more than satisfied with before devices were the main choice. 

A Healthy Mind and Body Means a Happier You

We are often encouraged to focus on things that can aid us to become great successes in life. But as we have seen, the things that can really make us feel good are attainable for all. 

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