Kick Those Butts: 9 Smoking Cessation Products to Help You Quit Smoking

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Want to quit smoking? You are 30% more likely to quit with a stop-smoking aid. Keep reading to discover 9 types of smoking cessation products.

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We human beings are told that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Well, when trying to quit the bad and unhealthy habit of smoking, all you need is determination.

Lack of enough motivation and commitment towards your goal will set you back. According to research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fourteen percent of the population in the United States are smokers.

This is quite a high number considering over half of these population of smokers claim they want to stop smoking.

Cigarettes contain a drug called nicotine which is highly addictive. Once an individual is used to consuming this drug, it is not easy to put it aside. Luckily, there are many success stories of people quitting smoking, however tough the journey.

There are also significant benefits associated with not smoking. These include reduced risk of acquiring certain cancers, breathing problems, heart disease, infertility, and vascular disease.

Fortunately, there is a variety of products designed to help people quit smoking. However, before selecting a product, you need to consult your doctor in case you have any medical issues. The doctor will help you choose the right product to avoid any future health complications.

The following article will discuss a few of the smoking cessation products available for use.

1. Nicotine Patches

You can easily find these nicotine patches at your nearest drugstore (or on our website). These patches work by providing a steady and small amount of nicotine through the skin to your body. The nicotine patches are placed on the skin anywhere between the neck and waist including the upper arm.

You can apply a new patch every day. The amount of nicotine delivered into the body throughout the day helps to minimize your cravings.

As time goes by, you can replace your patches with those of a lesser nicotine dosage. Within eight to twelve weeks of using the nicotine patch, you stand a chance of being able to quit smoking.

2. Nicotine Chewing Gum

Nicotine chewing gum has to be consumed according to the provided directions for it to work effectively. A small amount of nicotine is contained in this gum which is absorbed through the mouth. Similar to the nicotine patch, it helps reduce nicotine cravings significantly.

It is quite common to find nicotine gum used alongside other smoking cessation products such as the nicotine patch. Initial stages of using this gum require the individual to use at least twenty-four pieces of nicotine gum daily.

With time, one can reduce the frequency of chewing nicotine gum. Moreover, chewing gum is quite effective as it keeps the mouth of a smoker occupied.

3. Nicotine Lozenges

Nicotine lozenges are another example of a smoking cessation product that comes in tablet form. All a smoker needs to do is place it between the cheek and gum and slowly suck on it. The tablet will eventually dissolve, allowing nicotine to enter the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.

The nicotine lozenges can be purchased without a prescription and can be used alongside nicotine patches. In a day, an individual looking to quit smoking can consume up to twenty tablets of lozenges.

4. Bupropion Zyban

To get this medication, you need a doctor’s prescription. Zyban is categorized as an antidepressant, but it also approved as a smoking cessation product. Unlike the previous smoking quitting aids discussed above, bupropion does not contain any nicotine.

It is assumed to work by minimizing withdrawal symptoms and tobacco cravings by releasing certain chemicals in the brain. Bupropion takes at least five days before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that you can quit smoking five days after you first consume bupropion.

5. Varenicline Chantix

This medication works by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain. It helps to get rid of nicotine withdrawal and also eliminates the pleasure associated with smoking. Like Bupropion, it takes several days to get absorbed in the bloodstream meaning you should stop smoking a week after its consumption.

6. Hypnosis

Hypnosis alters the normal state of an individual’s mind hence becoming more vulnerable to different ideas. Hypnosis can be used as an effective remedy to quit smoking. However, it should be noted that it might not work for everyone looking to stop smoking. You can, therefore, learn several self-hypnosis tactics that will help you successfully do away with smoking.

7. Acupuncture

This traditional Chinese medical technique can be used to cure addiction to nicotine. It involves using needles which are placed on the skin at different spots and feels incredibly therapeutic. 

8. The Quitter’s Circle

Thanks to technology, we have a Quitter’s circle application that seeks to reach out to everyone looking to quit smoking. This application is designed to provide daily tips and encouragement to help people transition to not smoking.

It is equipped with features that enable one to set and track their nonsmoking goals. Additionally, it allows you to form a group of people trying to stop smoking who look to support each other through this journey.

9. Become an Ex-Smoker

This is a support group that is free of charge. It aims to provide people with knowledge regarding the effects of long term smoking and addiction to nicotine. Smokers can make use of the information contained in this program to help them make decisions that will help them cease smoking.

Get Your Smoking Cessation Products Today

Quitting smoking is a challenging task, but it can be done, especially with the aid of any one of these smoking cessation products. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy these products, be sure to check out our inventory of products that’ll help you quit smoking.

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