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Why order from Kiwi Drug?

1. We've been around the longest

We've been operating Kiwi Drug since 2005, and we're still running our primary bricks & mortar pharmacy which has been around for over 40 years! We have great relationships with the manufacturers - our buying power is your savings.

It's not corn, it's the truth!

2. We've got the hard-to-find stuff!

Not only do we have all the hard to find products, but we aren't selling it out of a basement. We offer reliable supply, with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Sure you could order from one of those cheap generic illegal stores you see sponsored links for on Google, but if it doesn't show up don't expect them to care. We do!

3. We have the best prices

We offer great prices for quality products. We've leveraged our seniority and power (we are all over Google, have a great customer base, and negotiate the best supplier relationships) to get you the best prices for original products. In the odd case someone has a cheaper price, ask yourself if it is indeed the genuine product or if they are charging huge shipping prices to make up the difference!

4. We love you

Don't blush! We DO have the best customer service. Search the forums, read our Facebook fan page, and you will see everyone agrees that Kiwi gives you the warm feeling that you're important. We know we wouldn't be the most popular New Zealand pharmacy if it wasn't for YOU - and we will treat you that way, come rain or shine. Every product comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

5. Easy to order

We have the shortest checkout process of all the online pharmacies. It's very easy to search for and find what you're looking for. Help is always a click away. We believe less IS more. Using our site and service will bring a smile to your face. You have a life to get back to!

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