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Heliocare - polypodium leucotomos -  - 960 capsules (16 bottles) Heliocare polypodium leucotomos Brand New Zealand 960 capsules (16 bottles) OTC $466.82 -

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Product being discontinued in New Zealand - there will be no more stock - current product expiry is June 30th 2011 - no returns



Everyone knows how damaging sun exposure can be, but it is impossible to completely avoid photodamage. From skin cancer to premature aging, ultraviolet radiation (UVR) can be damaging and even deadly. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, skin cancer is the most common form of the disease – and it’s on the rise. Fortunately, Heliocare can help consumers protect their health while keeping skin youthful looking and beautiful.

What is Heliocare?

The active ingredient in Heliocare capsules is Polypodium Leucotomos (PLE), which is a type of fern. For generations, the South Americans have used the plant to remedy all types of skin conditions. Eventually, interest in PLE expanded to researchers all over the world, who were interested in whether or not PLE could limit the toxicity of UVR on the skin. The results were amazing: the powerful antioxidants in PLE were found to drastically decrease the harmful and damaging effects of UVR. 

These capsules are taken orally, and are the first oral photoprotectant clinically and microscopically proven to be effective in preventing UVR damage. From preventing brown spots (hyperpigmentation) to reducing the rate of development of fine lines and wrinkles, PLE has been proven to be an effective warrior against all types of photodamage. 

What Does it Do?

By bringing together the unique properties of PLE extract, Heliocare is able to offer significant antioxidant properties that keep skin looking its best, while protecting it on several different levels. Each capsule increases the skin’s tolerance to the sun, strengthens immune cells in the skin, protects skin cell DNA, reduces skin changes after chronic exposure to the sun and helps the skin maintain its elasticity. Overall, the capsules are an ideal skin protectant, unrivaled by anything else on the market today. 

People who regularly use Heliocare find their skin less and less affected by the sun’s rays. Sunburns are stopped in their tracks, wrinkles run the other way and the skin is able to maintain a level of elasticity that amazes those who use the product. The results shown after extended use of the supplement are absolutely unparalleled, and must be seen to be believed. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the most amazing things about Heliocare is that there are absolutely no known side effects associated with its use when taken as a dietary supplement. In fact, it has been proven to be particularly effective for those with especially sensitive skin – which really speaks volumes for how safe and gentle the formula is. Twelve years of trial and twenty years of use in hot, sunny climates have resulted in no adverse effects being reported. 
That said, the capsules are definitely not a substitute for protective clothing and good sunscreens, nor do they reverse any damage that has already been done. However, when combined with these protective measures, the skin becomes uniquely capable of handling whatever the sun can throw at it.


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Unfortunately, aging is a part of life. Although there’s a lot that can be said of gaining life experiences, getting wiser and learning something new every day, watching as skin starts to droop and sag is downright depressing. In fact, most people agree that getting older isn’t the problem; looking older is.

With all of the technological advancements that the medical world has made in recent decades, it’s almost unfathomable that a big drug company hasn’t brought a product to market that stops the signs of aging in their tracks. Or maybe researchers know that nothing they create can come close to producing the anti-aging benefits of one special fern: the Polypodium Leucotomos (PCL).

What is Polypodium Leucotomos?

Used for generations in communities all over South America, PCL has proven itself to be more than just a folk remedy. For the first time, all of the anti-aging benefits of PCL have been harnessed in an all-natural capsule, called Heliocare. Taken orally daily, Heliocare has been proven effective at helping skin protect itself against the harmful effects of the sun.

Shortly after this dietary supplement is ingested, the skin gets a huge, powerful boost of antioxidants. These antioxidants are responsible for increasing the skin’s tolerance to the sun, reducing unsightly skin changes after chronic exposure to ultraviolet rays (UVR) and maintaining the elasticity that tends to get lost over time. 

What Makes Heliocare so Special?

Besides being the first dietary supplement to fully incorporate all of the benefits of PCL in capsule form, Heliocare is also the first oral photoprotectant to be clinically and microscopically proven to be effective against UVR damage. In addition to all that, the supercharged antioxidants also provide immediate protection to skin cell DNA.

From the unsightly brown spots that hyperpigmentation leave behind to fine lines and wrinkles, PCL helps the skin naturally shield itself from the damaging and dangerous effects of common sun exposure. According to the recent statistics released by the World Health Organisation, this type of supplement couldn’t have come at a better time.

Sadly, skin cancer has become the most common form of cancer in the world. On top of that, the overall number of people who develop skin cancer has been steadily increasing over the years – too often with deadly results. With these kinds of statistics staring them right in the face, it’s no wonder more and more people worldwide are turning to PCL for added protection.

Is it Safe?

After 20 years of popular use and 12 years of trial in Europe, Heliocare has shown absolutely no known side effects. None!  It is completely and totally safe for adult use, although it is not currently recommended for pregnant women and children. 
When combined with protective clothing and properly applied sunscreen, HCL can help provide an almost impenetrable layer of protection for the skin. Beautiful, youthful-looking skin that practically glows with radiance is the end result, which absolutely speaks for itself.


  • Use as directed

  • Heliocare contains an extract of the Polypodium leucotomos (a kind of fern).

  • What is Heliocare Oral? Heliocare Oral is a dietary supplement, with natural antioxidants, it is the first oral photoprotectant with not only clinically but also microscopically proven action against UV-induced damage. Heliocare works to increase tolerance to the sun, reduce skin changes after chronic exposure to the sun, maintain skin's elasticity. It also provides cell protection in the epidermis and protects skin cell DNA.
  • It is well known that sun exposure causes premature aging (wrinkles or fines lines) and hyperpigmentation (brown spots or age spots) In fact, we actually log most of the sun damage in our everyday life - just by walking to work, driving the car or just running errands out in the open.
  • Excessive exposure raises the risk of skin cancer, which according to the World Health Organisation, is the most common cancer among humans and has increase over the last few years. THE ABCs OF ULTRAVIOLET RAYS UVA, UVB and UVC are different types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation that are given off by the sun.
  • UVC is absorbed by the earth's ozone layer and rarely reaches the earth's surface unlike UVA and UVB. UVB is commonly associated with sunburn while UVA, which penetrates deeply into the skin is a significant factor in premature aging and skin cancer.

    We are all aware of the damaging effects UVR (ultraviolet radiation) from the sun can have. The skin ages, skin cells change and the sun?s damage becomes more obvious.

    Heliocare is a capsule that contains an extract of the plant Polypodium Leucotomos (a kind of fern) (PLE). The plant has been used for generations in South America as a folk remedy for skin conditions. Interest in PLE grew out of a desire to find substances that limited the toxicity of ultraviolet on skin. This fern extract was found to decrease the negative effects of UV and this effect would be valuable in protecting normal skin.

    Polypodium Leucotomos Extract - PLE (Natural Fern)
  • Increases tolerance to the sun
  • Has an important antioxidant effect
  • Protects immune cells in the skin
  • Protects skin cell DNA

    Heliocare brings together the unique properties of a natural fern extract (PLE). As a result it offers significant antioxidant properties to care for the skin;
  • It increases tolerance to the sun
  • It reduces skin changes after chronic exposure to the sun
  • It helps maintain the skin's elasticity
  • It provides cell protection in the epidermis
  • It protects skin DNA

  • Do not use during pregnancy.
  • Not to be taken while on digoxin, or any other medicines used to treat heart failure.

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