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Halobet Cream - halobetasol - 0.05% w/w - 15G x 3 Halobetasol Cream/​Halobet Cream halobetasol Brand India 0.05% w/w 15G x 3 DR $23.99 Add

Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional. Brands and generics both contain the same active ingredient(s) and are medically equivalent. Some brands are marketed under different names by the same manufacturing country depending on the country of origin.

Halobetasol Cream (halobetasol) is a topical corticosteroid that helps alleviate various inflammatory skin conditions. This product is among the most potent topical corticosteroids available on the market, and as such care should taken to use it as directed.

This product is intended for adults. With doctor approval Halobetasol Cream can be used in patients aged 12 to 18. Use in children under age 12 is not recommended.

When to Use

Halobetasol Cream can be used in any corticosteroid-responsive skin condition provided it is not applied to the face, mucous membranes, or broken skin. Conditions include:

  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Moderate to severe allergic reactions
  • Severe insect bites or stings
  • Psoriasis
  • Other corticosteroid-responsive conditions

Significant improvement should be noticeable five to seven days after starting treatment, with a reduction of both visible symptoms, such as redness, swelling, scaling, and so forth, and not-so-visible symptoms such as itching, burning, and tenderness.

When Not to Use

Equally important is understanding when not to use Halobetasol Cream. As a very potent corticosteroid, it should not be applied to:

  • The face or scalp
  • The groin
  • Armpits
  • Skin folds
  • Mucous membranes
  • Broken skin
  • Skin with a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection

Because it is such a potent product, there is some concern about side effects resulting from too much of the medication being absorbed. For this reason it should not be applied to areas where skin-to-skin contact is likely, such as armpits, the groin, or skin folds. For the same reason it should not be applied to mucous membranes or broken skin.

Even light application of corticosteroids on the face can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly side effects, such as thinning skin. Occasionally a doctor will advise a patient to apply Halobetasol Cream to the face, but in these cases use rarely exceeds three consecutive days. Without explicit doctor instruction use on the face should be avoided.

Halobetasol Cream will not provide benefit in bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. As corticosteroids inhibit immune system response, it may cause harm if applied to infected skin.

How to Use Halobetasol Cream

The majority of patients apply Halobetasol Cream twice per day, morning and evening, though a doctor will sometimes recommend once-per-day application.

To apply:

  • Clean and dry the affected area.
  • Apply enough cream to thinly cover the area.
  • Gently massage the cream into the skin until mostly absorbed.
  • Wash hands after each application.
  • Do not cover the treated area with tight or airtight dressings or clothing.
  • Do not cover the treated area with makeup or other skincare products, even if non-medicated.

Treatment should continue for a maximum of two weeks; it may end sooner if the condition is resolved. The type and severity of the condition is an important factor in duration of treatment, but so is individual patient response; some conditions will be completely cleared in a couple of days, while others won't be quite resolved after two weeks.

An interesting property of Halobetasol Cream is its cumulative effect. Most patients will need to apply the cream daily for around five days before improvements are visible, but when treatment ends the condition will continue to improve for up to five more weeks. Even if the condition is still present after two weeks treatment should end; patients can expect the condition to continue to improve.

Provided at least six weeks have passed since the prior treatment ended, treatment with Halobetasol Cream can be repeated if needed.

If the condition does not improve significantly after two weeks of treatment, or worsens at any time during treatment, a doctor should be consulted.

Adverse Effects

When used as directed---no more than twice-per-day application for no longer than two weeks---side effects are unlikely. The more common side effects occur at the application site and should pass within moments of applying the cream:

  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Mild redness

The above are not cause for concern unless severe or persistant.

Even with the most meticulous use more serious side effects do sometimes happen. The following call for medical attention:

  • Severe itching, peeling, or blistering at application site
  • Eye pain or vision changes
  • Easy bruising
  • Muscle weakness
  • Weight gain around neck, face, or upper back

Effects on unborn or nursing babies are unknown; mothers should speak with a doctor about risks versus benefits prior to use.

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