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Desowen Cream - desonide cream - 0.05% w/w - 10g Desowen Cream desonide cream Brand India 0.05% w/w 10g DR $9.99 Add
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Desowen Cream - desonide cream - 0.05% w/w - 10g X 10 Desowen Cream desonide cream Brand India 0.05% w/w 10g X 10 DR $89.99 Add

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Desowen Cream

Topical steroid and mild corticosteroid Desowen Cream contains Desonide, which treats various skin conditions.

The ointment has a mild to moderate steroid power. It blocks the production and release of prostaglandins that make the skin red and itchy.

Mode of action

The desonide in the topical steroid hinders the release of elements that cause redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation. Patients suffering from skin rash, eczema, psoriasis, allergies, and dermatitis need Desonide to alleviate the symptoms.


The use of Desowen ointment has proven to treat skin conditions among patients. Itching and inflammation of the skin stop after following the prescription.

Using the cream as prescribed eliminates the scaly and itchy effects of psoriasis. In dermatitis, eczema, and such skin conditions, it relieves and treats the side effects of irritants on external body parts.

Use Desowen cream for the prescribed period to get all the benefits and heal perfectly.


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Patients should only use Desowen Cream as their doctors prescribe and apply the recommended amount.

During application, one may encounter irritation and a slight burning sensation on the affected area. It stops with time. Otherwise, they should contact their physician for assistance.

One should not cover the areas undergoing treatment with bandages, casts, or other airtight dressings.


Patients should only use Desowen Cream on the skin. The patient’s prescription contains the number of times and amount of cream to be used per application. Adhere to these instructions strictly.

The ointment is only intended for external use. Before application, one should thoroughly wash and dry the affected area, as well as the hands. Next, apply a thin (or the recommended) amount of the cream, guaranteeing there is no contact with the eyes, mouth, inner ear, or nose. If the treatment gets in contact with the eyes, it may worsen glaucoma effects.

Rub in the ointment gently for the skin to absorb the Desodine in the topical steroid. Patients should rinse off the ointment with a lot of water in case of unintended contact.

If symptoms persist after using the cream, patients should contact their doctor for further advice.


When applying Desowen cream on a child, one has to be extra careful. Keep out of reach of children. If treating the diaper area, the child should not wear tight, fitting diapers or elastic, plastic pants.

The ointment is not intended for use by breastfeeding or pregnant women. They should contact their physicians before use.

Before starting treatment, one should inform their doctor of any allergies and existing conditions.

Side effects

Most side effects of using the ointment resolve with time as they are temporary. They are a result of the body adjusting to the treatment.

Some of these effects are burning, itchiness, dryness, and stinging. It is uncommon for the side effects to last long. But if they do, contact the doctor immediately. In rare cases, one may notice a change of skin color in the area undergoing treatment. The skin may also soften, making it susceptible to blisters.

Patients should keep in mind that their physicians have prescribed the ointment because the benefits surpass the side effects. If they experience a strong allergic reaction to the cream, they should consult their primary care physicians soonest.

Anyone that experiences side effects other than those mentioned above should also seek medical assistance.

Interactions with other drugs and conditions

Patients should never cease or change a medication without a go-ahead from their doctors. Possible interactions include oral corticosteroids, topical corticosteroids, and other drugs that potentially suppress the patient's immune system.

Note that there may be other interactions not listed here. One should carry a list of current prescriptions and medication to the doctor.


Patients should keep Desowen cream in its original container, away from moisture, sun, and children. Store at room temperature and keep the safety cap closed when not in use.  

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