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Proven to effectively provide relief from rhinitis, Nasacort is trusted by many doctors and physicians. More and more people are turning to this nasal spray to treat symptoms of hay fever and perennial allergic rhinitis as well as other nasal related problems. With the active ingredient triamcinolone acetonide, Nasacort intranasal spray works by clearing the blocked nasal passage and targeting the nasal tissue.

Safety of the consumer --- YOU --- should be the utmost concern of every drug manufacturer. Nasacort manufacturers are aware of this. There are several warnings and precautions that you should be aware of prior to using Nasacort nasal spray.

Firstly, before using this medication always tell your doctor or physician if you are having any kind of infection or medical condition. If you have a history of herpes eye infection or tuberculosis, tell your doctor since there is a high risk for those infections to gradually worsen. Next, when the body has been used to the formulation of Nasacort, your body’s ability to produce natural steroids is suppressed. If this occurs, give your body time to produce natural steroids again by slowly stopping to take the medication with triamcinolone acetonide. Thirdly, since the body’s ability to produce natural steroids is affected, you will be more prone to infections such as measles and chicken pox. Your immune system slowly weakens in the process. There are some cases when the use of triamcinolone acetonide nasal sprays leads to yeast infections in the nose and throat. When any of these occur to you, contact your physician right away. Then, do not abruptly stop your medication if you are using an oral steroid and you plan to switch to using nasal steroid like Nasacort. Doing so would cost you your health. The best thing to do is to slowly decrease you dose and intake of the oral steroid. After some time, you can start using Nasacort. The fifth warning and precaution concerns the growth rate of children and teenagers. As with any other steroids available in the market, Nasacort could slow down the growth rate. Consistently monitor your child’s growth and contact your healthcare provider if you see an unusual slowing down of growth. Continue to supplement your child with foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help combat adverse effects. Next, triamcinolone nasal sprays are not considered safe for use during pregnancy period. Risks are still unknown as Nasacort is labelled a pregnancy Category C medication. Likewise, it is still unknown if the active ingredient in Nasacort passes through breast milk. It is highly suggested that you discuss matters with your physician regarding this issue. Lastly, it should be expected that your healing process from a surgery, irritation or any other condition would be delayed. Nosebleeds and nasal sores could also occur. That is why healthcare providers suggest that you should wait for your entire healing process to get finished.

Knowing these warnings and precautions will benefit you in many ways. It is mentioned earlier that your safety is the main concern of Nasacort manufacturers. Thus, being aware of these precautions help prevent you from experiencing any complications while taking Nasacort nasal spray.
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