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Inhaled particles in the air cause variety of reactions to the body. People of all ages must be able to protect themselves from these particles to ensure healthy body. You might not be aware but there are a variety of harmful particles present in dirty air. Examples of those are common dust, particles from pollution, tree and plant pollens, mold spores, and pet dander. Body reactions can be in the form of sneezing, nasal itching, post-nasal drip, runny nose and coughing. Some manifestations can be more intermediate. Congestion or nasal stuffiness may occur as a result of swelling of the nasal membranes. Tissues become congested when fluid leakage is encouraged by the opening of blood vessels due to histamine. The space inside the nose is thereby reduced and, thus, results in “blocked” or stuffy nose. When nasal congestion has already occurred, antihistamines become unhelpful in treating. But Nasacort nasal spray offers relief.

Nasacort nasal spray contains a microcrystalline suspension of triamcinolone acetonide in a water-based metered-dose pump spray formulation. The active ingredient triamcinolone acetonide, which is an edrenocortical steroid, prevents the unwanted release of substances that cause inflammation in the patient’s organism. This makes Nasacort nasal spray effective in reducing swelling and inflammation by working directly on the nasal tissue.

This formulation could be administered to adults and even children ages 2 and up as long as there is adult supervision. However, it should be noted that understanding the proper use of Nasacort nasal spray is vital to get the most out of the results it can offer. It is ideal that a doctor or a pharmacist would demonstrate the proper way of using the nasal steroid spray. But if that is not possible, the following steps should be followed thoroughly to ensure effectiveness: Just like any spray, Nasacort nasal spray must be shaken well before using. Blocked passages would hinder the drug to reach the nasal tissue. If your nasal passage is stuffed or clocked, clear it first before spraying the medication to the middle of the nose. The direction should be towards the inflamed areas inside the nasal passages and away from the nasal septum. Nasacort nasal spray should be used exactly as prescribed by your doctor or physician. Alterations such as increasing dosage or using the medication more frequently without a physician’s approval may yield unwanted results.

Side effects can range from irritation, stinging, burning, or dryness of nasal passages to mild nosebleed, headache, lightheadedness, loss of taste, throat irritation or nausea. If you are experiencing any other results or any of the mentioned side effects turn out to be very disturbing, consult your physician.

As with any other medication, store Nasacort nasal spray at room temperature to ensure efficacy --- away from heat and moisture and in a cool dry place. The protective cap and clip should also be kept when the drug is not in use to prevent any particle from entering the drug’s inhaler. Also, the drug must be discarded immediately when the labeled-number of actuations has been reached regardless of the remaining dosage left in the bottle.
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