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Narcogen Forte is one of the latest pain medications in the world today. This medication combines two pain relievers into one and this is shown to help people that have moderate to severe pain. This drug is not available in the United States or Canada and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as Tylenol 3. It however can like most drugs be purchased online. Use extreme caution when purchasing any drugs online. Check your local and federal laws on purchasing online medication. Also check out the site well before you purchase online. There are many sites out there that may sell fake drugs or may take your money and not send you the medication. Use extreme caution whenever purchasing Narcogen Forte online.

Narcogen Forte is a drug that is manufactured in India by Somatico. The primary ingredients in this drug are acetaminophen and codeine. The codeine phosphate is 30mg and the acetaminophen is 650mg. When combined together this makes a powerful pain reliever that can relieve your pain whether it is moderate or severe. This drug works on the pain receptors in your brain to help alleviate pain. Narcogen Forte can help with pain from headaches, broken bones and other pain management as your doctor sees fit.

Before you take this drug make sure that you talk to your doctor. Many people have shown to be allergic to codeine and a codeine allergy can potentially become life threatening. Make sure that you tell your doctor of any condition that you may have in advance before you take this medication. Be aware of side effects from both drugs that are in this drug, codeine and paracetamol. Be aware of the long term effects of this drug as well. Long term effects can include heart problems and liver problems. Also make sure that you know that this drug may have addictive quality. Always make sure that you use extreme caution when taking Narcogen Forte.
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