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The drug Narcogen Forte is a fairly new drug that is made only in India at this time. It was manufactured by Somatico in India. This drug is unavailable in other countries and is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration in its brand name form - however it is pretty much equivalent to Tylenol 3 which is FDA approved. This drug can be purchased in other ways including an online purchase. Such a purchase is not recommended unless your laws allow it and you have checked the site out well and made sure that it is not a scam. Many sites that sell drugs run scams and you could wind up with an empty wallet and no medication, fake medication, or a medication that can hurt you. Kiwi Drug is a trusted site.

Narcogen Forte is made up of codeine and acetaminophen. Codeine is a well known pain reliever and so is acetaminophen. These two drugs when combined make a powerful pain reliever. This drug has been constructed in other countries under different brand names such as Tylenol 3 and Codeine with Tylenol. When it was manufactured in India they named it Narcogen Forte and have sold it in India and online under this brand name. Narcogen Forte can be used for many different pain management situations including broken bones, headaches, body aches, and as a pain reliever for those who suffer from medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Before you take Narcogen Forte make sure that you speak to your doctor about the drug. The drug can have different side effects and can cause long term effects if used for too long. This drug also is known to cause addiction in some people. If you and your doctor decide that this drug is for you always take the medication as directed by your doctor. Never take more than prescribed. An overdose can be deadly with this medication. Make sure that you report any side effects to your doctor no matter how slight they may be. Maintaining your health while taking Narcogen Forte is most important so that you can benefit from the drug and not hurt your health in the process.
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