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Narcogen Forte is a drug that is available in India. This drug combines the drugs codeine and paracetamol to make a powerful pain reliever. This drug is manufactured in India and is so far only allowed in India in a pharmacy. There are of course places where you may be able to purchase the medication online.

The drug Narcogen Forte is composed of two different pain medications. Acetaminophen and codeine make up this drug that has become an effective pain reliever for people who suffer from various sorts of pain. Narcogen Forte can treat headaches, back aches, and many other conditions that cause pain. It works on the pain receptors in the brain and helps to alleviate pain. Like any drug this drug is not without risks and may have many different side effects.

Side effects of Narcogen Forte include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, muscle spasms and indigestion. These side effects usually go away with time while taking the medication. You should report the side effects to your doctor no matter how slight if you think they do not seem right. A sign of an allergic reaction to this medication would be swelling, rash and trouble breathing. Should you experience anything that would suggest an allergic reaction, you should get to your local emergency room or urgent care center. Narcogen Forte also can have long term effects that can affect you later on. Narcogen Forte prolonged use can cause liver problems, heart problems, and lung problems. Narcogen Forte also can be very addictive so you should use extreme caution when taking this drug. Always make sure that you take it as prescribed. If you find yourself getting addicted to the drug, seek medical attention. Getting addicted to this drug can become life threatening. Remember to use common sense when taking the drug and never take it unless you absolutely have too or as prescribed as your doctor.
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