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ANTIPODES Organic Heavenly Body Oil


Seduce your soul and moisturize your whole body with this luxurious but light body oil.

The enchanting mix of lavender, rosewood, ylang ylang and jasmine of this heaven-sent body oil will send you straight to a balmy, star-filled summer night in Aotearoa New Zealand. An intense moisturizing experience that rejuvenates your skin's appearance.

Premium bioactive ingredients:
avocado oil * macadamia nut oil * rose hip oil

Avocado Pear

The avocado pear, or Persea Americana as it is also known, is a fruit which produces nutrient-rich oil. Avocado oil is widely known in the world of health and beauty for containing some of the nutrients most beneficial for humans. This makes it a great ingredient of a number of natural products. Many of the nutrients in avocado oil are great for people’s skin and for this reason it can be applied topically to treat a number of issues. Avocado pear can also be ingested as a skin enriching super-food.
Avocado is naturally rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which are beneficial to the skin. A lot of skin conditions which cause problems for people can be improved by the application or ingestion of avocado oil. Many people begin to notice their skin loses its youthful vitality with the passing of years. This can take the form of sagging skin which loses its moisture, suppleness and develops age spots. Avocado oil can help with all of these problems.
The antioxidant properties of avocado oil can help reverse and slow the effects of aging in a person’s skin. As the body grows older it develops free radicals which break down the body’s health and can eventually lead to tumors and other negative outcomes. Antioxidants, such as those found in the avocado pear, are believed to mitigate the effects of these free radicals and restore cells to a healthier state.
Dehydrated skin lacking in moisture is a problem for many people. It is easy to allow skin to become dehydrated through the effects of diet, weather or lifestyle. When the skin lacks the moisture it needs it begins to look older, tired, cracked and wrinkled. One of the secrets to looking youthful is to retain correct levels of moisture in the skin. Many people seek to achieve this through the purchase of incredibly expensive man-made beauty products. This is by no means necessary as natural substances, such as avocado oil, contain great compounds such as lecithin that aid skin moisture.
Sunshine can have very destructive effects on human skin. In recent years there has been a large amount of awareness generated for the need to use sunscreen in order to protect against harmful UVA rays. There is less awareness that natural substances such as avocado oil offer great levels of protection from the sun’s rays. The oil from the avocado pear is actually one of the best choices for this purpose as it contains far higher levels of UVA protection than many similar plants.
Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin. Not only do people wish to reduce and repair damage that has already taken place, they want to protect against future problems, such as those caused by the skin. Avocado pear oil offers a wonderful, natural way to achieve these goals. It is full of beneficial vitamins and essential fatty acids. It is a key ingredient in many of the best natural beauty and health products and can also be enjoyed as a food.

Heavenly Body Oil

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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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