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Prescription Nose Sprays

These days, it's possible to purchase powerful nose sprays for allergies without a prescription. In fact, for many allergy sufferers, over-the-counter nose sprays are a handy and easily accessible solution. Prescription nose sprays, on the other hand, are harder to obtain, since you need your physician's participation. In addition, they usually cost even more than over-the-counter nose sprays.

Flonase is one such example of a former prescription nose spray that now needs no prescription. Other effective nose sprays that work in a similar fashion are Beconase and Nasacort. These are considered the corticosteroid-based nose sprays. They work on the larger problem of controlling the allergic reaction, rather than just trying to relieve the symptoms, as antihistamines and decongestants do.

Prescription Nose Sprays That No Longer Need Prescriptions
By preventing inflammation in the nasal cavity during an allergic reaction, these nose sprays take a preventative approach. Users take them daily, optimally beginning the course as allergy season begins. Other nose sprays take the form of antihistamines or decongestants, as mentioned above. These are most effective for those with less severe allergy symptoms who also don't need or want to obtain an expensive prescription solution.

Many allergy remedies began their life as prescription medicine and then moved over to the regular pharmacy shelf. Unfortunately, often the prices don't get lowered dramatically when the prescription issue disappears. At Kiwi Drug online, however, you can find prices that are 50 percent less than those found on U.S. retail shelves. Browse around to find your non-prescription nose sprays through New Zealand's own Kiwi Drug.

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