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Prescription Nasal Spray

It's no longer necessary to have a prescription in order to get effective nose spray for allergies. In fact, some of the most effective nasal spray allergy products are now available over the counter. These include Flonase and other strong corticosteroidal nasal spray products that formerly required a prescription but are now more accessible to the public.

These synthetic steroid-based solutions offer long-term relief, rather than the relatively quick and short-term relief of antihistamine and decongestant nasal spray products. Each works differently for different people; usually antihistamines are a "first try" when allergies appear. But for tougher allergies that won't go away, the second line solution of Flonase and similar products can usually help.

How to Use Non-Prescription and Prescription Nasal Spray
Nasal spray products are easy to use, contrary to some opinions. Just start by blowing your nose well to ensure a clear nasal passage. Then just cover one nostril as you spray quickly into the other, while inhaling through the nostril at the same time. Spray into each nostril, and then, if the dosage calls for more than one spray, go back and do each nostril in turn again. This delay gives the medication a chance to be absorbed before the nasal passage is filled up again.

Former prescription nasal spray products can still tend to have high prices, even when a prescription is no longer required. To find the least expensive source for your preferred nasal spray, try Kiwi Drug. As a pharmacy located in New Zealand, we are able to pass on our government-regulated pricing to online customers all over the world.

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