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When you're looking to find an online source for the popular nasal allergy spray Flonase, be sure to research your options first. Since the Internet became popular for commerce, online pharmacy sites have proliferated. However, many only offer the option of convenience. At Kiwi Drug, you'll find not only the convenience of ordering online with delivery right to your door, but you'll also find prices on popular over-the-counter drugs such as Flonase at a discount of 50 or more percent off U.S. retail prices.

Kiwi Drug is an online pharmacy, but perhaps more importantly, we're a brick-and-mortar pharmacy as well. That means that we serve a loyal clientele in Auckland, New Zealand, just as we have for the past 35 years. The Internet has simply allowed us to take our business to the rest of the world. Our licensed pharmacists and technicians fill the online orders just as they do all of our in-store orders.

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At U.S. pharmacies, even online U.S. pharmacy websites, Flonase is an expensive allergy medicine. Its effectiveness brings its customers back for more relief, but at a price. Check our prices at Kiwi Drug, which are kept low as part of regulation by the New Zealand government, and you'll see an amazing difference in your total bill. We charge a flat shipping rate of six U.S. dollars, which we subtract completely on orders over 100 U.S. dollars.

All of our online orders are processed as express shipments, taking just three to five days for delivery. It's one of the least expensive ways to keep Flonase in your medicine cabinet. Try Kiwi Drug online for Flonase and more.

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