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Hayfever Allergy Relief

Though hayfever symptoms can never really be completely eliminated, modern allergy medications on the market can provide much relief. For those who know the season is coming and always suffer badly without preparation, corticosteroid nasal sprays can work very well. These sprays, such as Flonase and Beconase, don't work instantly, but are effective after 24 to 48 hours in protecting the nasal cavities.

When you use the spray once each day, you are building up an anti-inflammatory defense against the onslaught of pollen that causes hayfever. These sprays have been proven effective as well as safe for relatively long-term use. Always let your physician know, however, if you find yourself relying on them for prolonged use.

Hayfever Allergy Relief in the Form of Antihistamines
The option that people with milder symptoms most often turn to is antihistamine allergy relief. The antihistamines are often used in combination with decongestants to provide relatively fast relief of symptoms such as itchy and runny noses, as well as congestion in the chest. In recent years, products such as Allegra and Claritin have proven to bring extremely effective relief to many, and require just one pill a day. There are some issues and possible risks for those with heart conditions, so always check with your physician before taking any medication if you are already being treated for heart problems.

You can find all of the main over-the-counter hayfever allergy relief products available at Kiwi Drug of Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks to the government regulation of prices in New Zealand, we can offer these products to allergy sufferers anywhere for surprisingly low prices. With Kiwi Drug, hayfever allergy medicine now brings affordable relief.

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