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Hayfever Allergy Medicine

When pollen counts are high, those with hayfever are well aware. For millions of people, the source of their misery is the pollen contained in everything from flowers to weeds and trees to grasses. The result is a wild reaction by the mucous membranes, which become inflamed as a protection measure. It's this reaction, however, that makes it so hard to deal with hayfever. It means itchy and watery eyes and inflammation through to the upper respiratory system.

Fortunately, there are a variety of medicine options on the market to help you combat hayfever and allergy symptoms. Among them are antihistamines, which are usually the first line of defense that people reach for. Antihistamine allergy medicine can take the form of pills or sprays and usually provide relatively quick relief of symptoms.

The Next Line of Hayfever Allergy Medicine
For some hayfever sufferers, however, antihistamines are simply not enough. For these people, there are sodium-cromoglycate-based eye drops to help with the eye symptoms. There are also synthetic steroids such as Flonase and other similar nasal sprays that work to alleviate the symptoms of hayfever before they happen. For this reason, many hayfever sufferers who have dealt with it year after year, season after season, now use these nasal sprays as a preventative measure.

If your hayfever feels out of control, it's best to consult with your physician first before purchasing too many types of allergy medicine. When you're ready to purchase, Kiwi Drug can provide you with the hayfever allergy medicine you need, at prices that are dramatically lower than U.S. retail prices.

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