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The anti-inflammatory effects of Flonase have been lauded by customers all over the world since the product first came to market. For those allergy sufferers who find little relief from antihistamines, corticosteroid-based medications such as Flonase can make a world of difference. Acting on everything from sneezing to coughing, headaches, and runny noses, Flonase tackles seasonal allergies successfully for many people.

As a brand-name drug, however, Flonase is set at a fairly high price in the U.S., for example. If you find that your Flonase costs are more than you can handle in addition to other medications, consider buying from a discount source online such as Kiwi Drug. We are a full-fledged pharmacy located in Auckland, New Zealand and we have been serving our public here for more than 30 years. Fortunately, due to government regulations on drug prices, we are able to sell our products for less here than in some other countries.

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The even bigger advantage is that all of our over-the-counter medications, including Flonase, are available online at discount prices all the time. We charge an across-the-board six-dollar (U.S.) shipping fee, but no other surcharges apply. When you purchase from Kiwi Drug online, quickly, securely, and at a discount price, you receive your medications by mail within three to five days.

Experience the allergy relief you're looking for by using Flonase and experience the discount pricing found online at Kiwi Drug. If you have any questions on our products or on the pharmacy itself, please send us an email query from our Service Center page, which you can find directly from any page on the site.

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