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If you find that your monthly bill for medications is particularly high during allergy season, you're not alone. Though many effective allergy medicines are now over-the-counter products, they tend to be extremely expensive. It's now possible, however, to buy many over-the-counter products from abroad by going online. Flonase is one example of a brand-name allergy medication on which it's possible to get up to a 50 percent discount online.

When you buy Flonase through Kiwi Drug, you get to take advantage of the discount that New Zealanders receive at retail outlets. We are licensed to sell our regular pharmacy products online and Flonase is a popular seller. Our pharmacy has existed as a brick-and-mortar establishment since the 1970s, so you can feel confident that you're receiving the same quality products and service as our regular customers in Auckland, New Zealand.

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If you haven't tried Flonase or any of the other corticosteroid-based allergy relief medications before, you may be pleasantly surprised. Working on a different mechanism of the allergic "cascade" of reactions than antihistamines, Flonase seeks to stop the inflammatory response rather than simply addressing the symptoms that arise from it. Flonase, which is sometimes called Flixonase, has been a hugely successful medication for many allergy sufferers.

Buy Flonase online at Kiwi Drug just one bottle at a time, or get a price break on three- and six-bottle packages. Rest assured that our medications are the same that you buy in the U.S. In addition, orders are prepared by our pharmacists and technicians just as if you were in our shop.

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