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Allergy Relief Medicine

Allergy relief medicine accounts for billions of dollars in medication sales each year. As allergens in the air become more prevalent, the use of allergy relief medicine is expected to increase. Though some people must resort to shots from an allergist to control their allergies, many people find relief with the use of over-the-counter allergy medicine.

One popular type of allergy relief medicine is an antihistamine, which blocks one of the body's natural reactions to allergens: histamine. Histamine is partly responsible for the itchy, runny nose that many people experience, as well as congestion. Some products have now combined an antihistamine with a decongestant for a two-pronged effect. Beware, however, of the drowsiness caused by many antihistamines. Even those marked "non-drowsy" can still cause some drowsiness in certain cases.

Allergy Relief Medicine for Most Allergy Issues
Other over-the-counter options include corticosteroid nasal sprays. These are obviously not oral medicines, and instead work directly on your nasal passages when you spray them into each nostril. The effect of this type of allergy relief medicine is not immediate, however. Instead, these are designed to relieve inflammation in a different way and can take a day or two to provide maximum relief. For many people, though, just a few squirts a day is enough to provide ongoing relief once the first effects take place.

Kiwi Drug carries a wide selection of allergy relief medicine, available securely online every day. Each type of medicine listed comes with complete medical information so you can understand exactly what the medicine is made from and how it works to relieve allergy symptoms. And for further information, just send us an inquiry from the Service Center page.

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