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Allergy Relief Medication

Allergy relief medication is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Rather, different types address different points in the allergic response, as well as different levels of symptom severity. Since so many people suffer from allergies, drug companies have developed lots of resources to help sufferers gain some relief during allergy season. Though they don't work for everyone, many over-the-counter medication options are effective for allergy relief.

In essence, allergy relief medication can be divided into those kinds that attempt to control the onset of symptoms and those that simply relieve the symptoms. The blocking medications include antihistamines, corticosteroid medications, and sodium cromoglycate medication. Some of these can take an oral form, while others work as nasal sprays. Though many people prefer to take medication orally, nasal sprays are more effective for certain types of drugs.

Where to Start with Allergy Relief Medication
On the simple relief side are decongestants, which work by constricting the vessels in swollen nasal tissue, and anticholinergics, which attempt to stop the overproduction of mucous. As a first line of defense, an antihistamine in combination with a decongestant, such as that found in Allegra or Claritin, can be effective. For even more potent allergy relief, many people try corticosteroid medications such as Flonase or Beconase.

If your allergies are difficult to control, consult with your physician as to which allergy relief medication is most likely to work for you. At Kiwi Drug, we offer a wide variety of these medications, along with full information on each. You can also use our inquiry form to ask our licensed pharmacists additional questions on any of them.

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