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Allergy Nose Sprays

Determining the correct nose sprays to use for your allergy is simple when you understand how they work. The antihistamine-based allergy nose sprays, for instance, block histamine, which is one of the body's natural reactions to allergens. Histamines cause an itchy nose and sneezing, as well as congestion. The downside of antihistamines is the fact that many types can make you drowsy.

If your allergy symptoms are relatively mild, however, antihistamine allergy nose sprays are usually effective and many non-drowsy antihistamines exist now. For tougher allergy symptoms, corticosteroid-based allergy nose sprays are more effective. These stop the inflammatory reaction altogether. Their downside is simply that their effect is not immediate. Rather, it can take 24 to 48 hours to feel results.

Allergy Nose Sprays and Their Side Effects
Most allergy nose sprays have very few side effects. Since they work to stop runny noses, one common side effect is dry nose, or dry patches in the nasal canal. In rare cases, you may experience a nose bleed. If you have had a surgical procedure, are pregnant or recently had a child who is breast feeding, consult a doctor prior to using allergy nose sprays.

In some children, the adrenal gland may be affected when taking stronger nose sprays. It's always best to consult your pediatrician first. If you notice a rash, dry patches, upset stomach or swelling of your child's nose, stop use immediately. You may also consult the pharmacists at Kiwi Drug. We offer answers to your questions anytime through our online Service Center.

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