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Allergy Nasal Sprays

When choosing between allergy nasal sprays, the first thing you should do is look at the active ingredients included in each nasal spray. Compare these ingredients with your medical history to ensure you have not had any past adverse reactions. Beyond this, you'll want to choose the one that will be most effective in combating your specific symptoms.

Antihistamines constitute the most common nasal sprays, and are intended to provide quick relief. They work by blocking histamines, resulting in reduced congestion, itching, and sneezing. For some people, this level of intervention is sufficient, for others, however, corticosteroid allergy nasal sprays are needed. These are effective at an "earlier" point, not just attacking symptoms, but preventing the inflammatory response altogether. However, they usually take longer to become effective.

Talk with Your Physician or Allergist
For those with mild to moderate seasonal allergies, antihistamine-based nasal sprays are usually sufficient. They provide relatively instant relief and can often be used safely during the course of an allergy season. For those with worse allergy symptoms, corticosteroid-based allergy nasal sprays become a better option. If you're not certain what route to take, consult your physician.

Those who regularly consult an allergist will be well aware of the differences between allergy nasal spray strategies. At Kiwi Drug, we offer a wide variety of allergy nasal sprays as well as full information on them, all on a secure shopping site. Our pharmacists can also answer your questions on each product we offer.

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