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Allergy Control Products

Allergy control products come in two common forms: oral tablets and nasal sprays. The form they take depends on the medication mechanism at work. Antihistamines come in both tablet and nasal spray form, each offering relief from an itchy, runny nose and congestion. Corticosteroid-based allergy control products are usually administered directly into the nasal passages via a nasal spray and can tackle even more symptoms.

Most people take antihistamines as a "reaction" to an allergic reaction during allergy season. The corticosteroid-based allergy control products, on the other hand, are designed as more preventative in nature. They don't take effect immediately as antihistamines do, so their value comes in taking them consistently over a longer period of time to stop allergic reactions before they start.

Find the Right Allergy Control Products for You
If you find that allergies are getting to you, even if you don't have a history of them, check with your physician as to your best bet. He or she will probably suggest an over-the-counter solution at first, of which there are many. In fact, the types of allergy control products mentioned above are all available over the counter. You may recognize the names Claritin and Allegra, which are combination antihistamine and decongestants, as well as Flonase, which is a steroidal nasal spray.

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