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Nasal allergies are often a cause of embarrassment and discomfort which we cannot always escape. But we can, of course, put an end to the sufferings caused by them. Corticosteroids, such as the flonase, can be of great help in this regard. Flonase is an anti-inflammatory, water-based, nasal spray that not only cures indoor and outdoor nasal allergies, but also puts an end to all non-allergic nasal symptoms that exist in our nasal systems throughout the year. You can get relief from congestion, itchy, running nose and sneezing by using this product. Flonase is a popular brand name for fluticasone propionate, offered by the pharmaceutical major GlaxoSmithKline. This effective corticosteroid is extremely beneficial for treating patients of asthma and allergic rhinitis. The use of fluticasone as a cream or ointment for curing diseases like psoriasis or eczema is quite prevalent.

In the pathogenesis of asthma, inflammation is hailed as a common element. Flonase is useful in slowing down multiple cell type asthmatic problems like mast cells, eosinophils, neutrophils, basophils, lymphocytes and macrophages. Flonase also reduces the intermediary production or secretion of elements such as histamine, cytokines, leukotrienes, and eicosanoids, which are related to asthma. The anti-inflammatory property of flonase plays significant role in the treatment of asthma. But after intake of the drug, a few days may require in curing the affected cells. The preventive and maintenance therapy of flonase, rather than inhalation of the steroid, is preferred in the treatment process for obtaining instantaneous relief. Flonase helps in reducing the response that the nasal airways provide to allergens and irritants present in air. As per statistics, at present there are approximately 35 million American patients who suffer from nonallergic nasal symptoms throughout the year. Flonase can come to the rescue of patients suffering from of Perennial Nonallergic Rhinitis or PNAR, which is caused due to temperature changes, powerful odors, smoke, cold air and air pollutants.

As flonase is applied straight inside the nostrils, its result is fast with greater effects. The best thing about flonase is that unlike other allergy medicines, this product does not result to drowsiness or lack of sleep after its intake. But the consequences may vary depending on the health of individuals. Adolescents and children are recommended to spray 50 micrograms of flonase at a time into each nostril per day. 1 spray of flonase contains 50 micrograms of the drug. However, in extreme cases intake of flonase twice that of daily dosage is prescribed. The dosage of flonase doubles up in case of adults. They need to consume 100 micrograms of flonase daily for controlling nasal allergies. After achieving control, the dose may be lessened.

While using Flonase nasal spray at first, shaking the bottle softly and taking away the dust cover is mandatory. First-time users or those using it less frequently need to release the first pump into the air. Before using, you need to blow your nose so that the nostrils get cleared. After closing one nostril, you are required to place in the nasal applicator into the other nostril carefully. Next comes the time for breathing in through the nostril. The spray is released simultaneously. While inhaling flonase is through the nose, the breathing out process is executed through mouth. In some cases, a second spray may be required for the purpose. The whole procedure is repeated in the other nostril in similar manner. After finishing, you should use a clean tissue for wiping the nasal applicator and the dust cover must be replaced properly. There are specific numbers of sprays up to which you can use a bottle. The maximum number of sprays is labeled on the bottle itself. Cleaning the nasal spray applicator once in a week is very important for maintaining proper hygiene of the device. Flonase nasal spray is stored between 4 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius temperature and it must be kept out of children’s reach.

Some of the leading research institutions have proved that the rate of side effects owing to the use of flonase is quite low. Minor side effects such as headache, sore throat and nosebleed may take place in some instances. But these are mild and can be cured instantly. The convenience of usage and positive side-effect profile of flonase have made it the ideal medication for the children’s community. Millions of children of the United States often fall prey to allergies caused by pollen, dirt and pet dander. So, they require flonase even more. According to doctors, a child of 4 years can avail the benefits of flonase nasal spray.

Flonase should always be used under the effective supervision of the doctors and other healthcare professionals. Proper and on-time usage of this product will take you closer to relief. Daily consumption of flonase can yield best results, and within 12 hours of its intake you can experience remarkable improvement in your nasal symptoms. You can buy flonase only through the prescription of your doctor. He/she will surely be the best person to know whether this medicine is apt for you.
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