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Allergies are everywhere, affecting a great many number of people in the world. More than 50 million Americans and an estimated 10% of all European children have one form of allergy or another. 80% of the citizens of New Zealand have allergies as well, and the health-conscious residents of this country have taken every possible precaution against allergy attacks. This includes making a wide range of asthma and allergy medicines, such as Flonase, available for purchase by anyone who needs them.

Allergies could be more than an inconvenience - for some of us, they may even be deadly. When allergens enter the nostrils, inflammation occurs and our eyes and noses turn wet and red... but in severe cases, allergens also trigger asthma attacks, which makes any allergic reaction twice as bad. Air passages constrict and prevent us from breathing normally. In many cases this only brings about mild asthma episodes... but in some cases it also causes dire complications, like shock or a stroke. Maintenance medicine such as Flonase is considered essential by those of us who stand to suffer much during allergy attacks.

Flonase joins the ranks of lifesaving medicines as an over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medicine, preventing inflammations before they happen. This medicine is known by the generic name fluticasone propionate, and is distributed in the form of nose drops or inhalable medicine. Its purpose is mainly the prevention of rhinitic allergies. Rhinitic allergies occur when substances like dirt, smoke, pollen or even certain scents enters our nostrils and cause irritation, which in turn lead to inflammation or swelling. The swelling causes the redness and itchiness on and around our noses and eyes, as well as the mucus deposits that would commonly cause a runny nose.

But runny noses, teary eyes etc may only be the tip of the iceberg - in some cases where one's nostrils are especially sensitive, allergic reactions may involve uncontrollable coughing or sneezing, which may then cause abrasion and bleeding in the nose and throat areas. As the eyes and ears are connected to the nose and throat areas, they may also be affected by a severe allergy attack. Fluticasone propionate - a corticosteroid often packaged as nasal drops or inhalable drugs, but may also be found in cream form as psoriasis and eczema treatment medicine - acts as an antihistamine, which means it has anti-inflammatory effects preventing the sensitive areas of the nasal passages from overreacting to allergenic substances.

But while inhalables and nasal drops such as Flonase are effective in preventing allergic attacks, they may not be so effective in fighting attacks that are already underway. Fluticasone propionate is a maintenance medicine, which is taken daily or at least one or two days before a person expects to get in touch with allergenic substances - say a person is about to attend an outdoor picnic during pollen season, or getting ready to visit a place that has lots of pets. While the steroids in the medicine may be effective against asthma, one may need to count days before they take effect. Stronger medicine is needed to stop an allergy attack that is already taking place.

But a strong allergy attack will normally not take place at all if one uses preventive medicine diligently. Short of the person experiencing a bombardment of allergens, maintenance medicine should be able to keep the worst of the reactions at bay, if recommended dosage is followed strictly. In fact, one may be so relieved by the absence of adverse reactions, that he or she may be tempted to not take the medicine at all. Don't be fooled! Allergies can creep up on you suddenly. If you happen to be the sensitive type who is not easily able to predict when the next allergic attack will strike, it is best to play safe and take maintenance medicine even if you feel fine.

The place you live in may also be a factor; New Zealand, for example, is an especially tricky place. While the country is rightly known as nature's wonderland, natural allergens such as dust and pollen also abound. While hay fever season normally occurs around fall and spring in other cold countries, it is not so easy to say when it will occur in New Zealand. Rhinitis medication such as Flonase is especially useful for people who may suffer allergies from temperamental climates or weather.
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