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If you are a person who is prone to allergies, comfort comes at a price. Sadly, allergenic substances are part of our daily lives and are quite unavoidable, and there are a number of remedies that offer fast relief, but don't always deliver. Once you have found a medicine that works, however, you should stick with it. And if you're still shopping for the right cure for your allergic condition, Flixonase is one of the first brands you should try.

Flixonase commonly comes in the form of nasal sprays or nasal drops. It is used for fast relief of rhinitic allergies, and may be purchased over the counter in many locations. Rhinitic allergies are triggered by the entry of foreign substances into our system primarily through the nasal passages. In truth, allergenic substances such as dust, pollen and animal hair do not actually cause allergic reactions. The real cause is an excessive release of immune chemicals as mucus within the nostrils: the body's natural defense against foreign substances entering through the nose.

It becomes evident that our bodies are resisting invasion by microscopic (and often environmental) strangers when we start exhibiting reflex actions, like sneezing or coughing - this means our body is trying to prevent us from imbibing unfamiliar and potentially harmful organisms through inhalation. Think of it as a "checkpoint" keeping harmful foreign substances at the door. But in allergy attacks, this "checkpoint" is taken to another level; the sneezing becomes uncontrollable, or the body goes into overdrive and releases plenty of immune chemicals at a time, causing a painful inflammation in the nose, throat and eye areas.

This inflammation could cause surface redness, and could make a person's eyes tear up and nose become runny. It is inconvenient at best, and lethal at worst! Extreme reactions to rhinitic allergies commonly occur when a person has both allergies and asthma - and a lot of us do. Asthma can be triggered by a host of factors, and allergies are among them. In fighting the entry of foreign substances into our system via the respiratory tract, asthma may restrict breathing gradually or suddenly. This could lead to a number of health complications. For example, people who suffer from extreme allergic reactions could panic and go into shock, or suffer a stroke. People who already have extremely weak constitutions, such as those who have just come from surgery or are recovering from a chronic illness, are also at risk of having their physical and emotional strength taxed even further by allergy attacks.

Flixonase helps in preventing one's allergies from going overboard. For best results, it is taken regularly, as recommended in the leaflet or prescribed by the doctor. Also, it may take a week or so before one gets its full benefits, so it is better to start taking it at least one week before one expects to encounter allergenic substances. But for people who cannot anticipate when they shall come in contact with things that may trigger their allergies or asthma, it is still best to take it on a rigid schedule.

Note, however, that heavy and prolonged use of this drug has been known to cause systemic side effects, such as glaucoma, osteoporosis and growth stunting in children. Thus it is important not to exceed the dosage recommended by the label or by your physician.

The active ingredient in Flixonase is fluticasone propionate, a known corticosteroid. Corticosteroids are already naturally produced by the adrenal gland, and are used for a variety of things, not the least of which is reducing inflammations. Sometimes, though, the body doesn't produce enough, and needs a little help from outside. Nasal sprays and drops like Flixonase are best for rhinitic allergies precisely because they are directly applied to the nasal passages, where the inflammation occurs.

It is important to remember that it may not be wise to take Flixonase during an asthma or allergy attack. This drug is best as a maintenance medicine: it is taken regularly to prevent an attack from occuring. However, since this product takes a while to exhibit its full effects, another product may be better to use as emergency treatment in the case of an unforeseen severe allergy episode.
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