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Daktarin Oral Gel (miconazole) is antifungal treatment designed to eradicate fungal infections in the mouth and throat, and less commonly in the stomach or intestines.

The medication can be used in patients aged 4 months old and up; in some circumstances it may be used in even younger patients, but this should not be attempted without doctor approval.

For best results any infection should be identified by a doctor before starting treatment. Daktarin Oral Gel will not help clear up infections caused by bacteria or viruses.

Treating Oral Thrush with Daktarin

Daktarin Oral Gel is most often used to treat oral thrush, a common fungal infection in the mouth or throat caused by overgrowth of the Candida fungus. Anyone can get thrush, but certain patients are more likely to develop an infection, including those who:

  • Wear dentures
  • Use steroidal inhalers
  • Are taking antibiotics
  • Have diabetes
  • Are malnourished
  • Are generally in poor health

Oral thrush is also very common in infants, and is frequently used to clear up infections in young babies. Be aware, however, that Daktarin Oral Gel is very sticky, as it is designed to stay in the mouth as long as possible. Administration in young infants should be done with care and the gel should only be applied at the front of the mouth; in the back of the mouth it can easily block the throat. It should not be used at all in infants who have difficulty swallowing, regardless of age.

The medication is typically applied 3 to 4 times per day in all ages. Ideally the gel is applied directly to the affected areas and left in place as long as possible. It will gradually be dissolved and swallowed. If possible avoid eating or drinking until the majority of the medication is gone.

Dosage is largely determined by age. The product includes a measuring spoon and a leaflet describing dosage amounts and recommended frequency of application.

Most people apply the gel with a fingertip. Be sure to wash hands first if using this method; introducing additional germs will not promote healing.

Improvements are usually noticed quickly, within a day or two of starting treatment. Duration of treatment will vary somewhat between individuals; infections usually clear up completely within 2 weeks, sometimes as rapidly as 24 hours. In general, treatment should continue for 2 to 7 days after all symptoms are gone.

If using dentures, the gel should be applied at bedtime when dentures are removed. The gel may be applied directly to dentures overnight as well to provide further protection.

Warnings & Side Effects

Daktarin Oral Gel should not be used in patients who have liver damage or porphyrias (a blood disorder).

Effects on unborn or nursing babies are unclear. Mothers who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid use or discuss potential risks with a doctor before use.

Since it is taken orally and eventually consumed, Daktarin Oral Gel enters the bloodstream. This means the medication may interact with other drugs or supplements being taken, particularly in younger patients. Speak with a doctor or pharmacist before mixing treatments if unsure of consequences.

The most commonly experienced side effects are usually mild and transient, only cause for concern if severe enough to be disruptive:

  • Stomach upset
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Unpleasant taste in mouth
  • Appetite loss

Stomach-related side effects are often alleviated by administering Daktarin on a full stomach.

More serious side effects are rare but may be cause for concern, particularly in very young patients:

  • Excessive vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever or chills

Daktarin Oral Gel is extremely unlikely to produce dangerous adverse effects if used properly. In case of overdose prompt medical attention is warranted, but with medical attention even a large overdose is unlikely to cause lasting harm.


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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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