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Stress wearing you down? Vitamins may not be enough - sometimes the demands of daily living could weigh so heavily on you that even at the end of the day, you find yourself having trouble resting, or getting rid of the aches and pains that you acquired in the course of your regular activities. During these hard times you must turn to extra-strong pain medication, and consider turning to double-strength Codalgin.

Codalgin's active ingredient is panadeine, an analgesic that combines the pain relief strengths of paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) and codeine. This trait allows it to simultaneously target both the aching parts of your body, as well as the pain centers of your brain, making for fast, thorough pain relief. Codalgin's paracetamol base also makes it ideal for people who cannot ingest aspirin, another common and effective painkiller. Aspirin has been known to trigger some gastrointestinal conditions, as well as erode stomach linings over extended use, so people with stomach problems - such as ulcers - are generally advised to refrain from using aspirin as a regularly-ingested painkiller.

Codalgin also contains codeine phosphate. The codeine element of Codalgin targets the pain centers of the brain, making for fast-acting relief even for pains that do not specifically affect any part of the body. This includes stress-related aches and general muscle pains. Codeine is a derivative of morphine - a drug whose addictiveness has become infamous throughout history. There is no need to fear, however, as codeine is significantly less addictive than morphine. Combined with paracetamol, the risk of addiction and other possible side effects of codeine is even more reduced.

In fact, it is only through heavy and intensive use that Codalgin could become habit-forming. However, the risk is there, especially if a person takes it upon him or herself to habitually ingest more than the recommended dose. This is why you should never take a double dose of this medicine, even if you missed a dose! If you find that the maximum allowed dosage is not sufficient to relieve your pain, it is best to consult your doctor for alternative medication.

Addictiveness may be tricky to spot. Common signs are irritability and sleeplessness, if taken off the product. However, it is possible that the pain is simply so severe that lack of any relief medication could be causing these symptoms. If you should detect signs of addictiveness in a patient taking Codalgin, it is important to consult your doctor immediately, so that he or she could prescribe a routine or alternative medication that would "wean" the patient gradually off Codalgin.

There are a few more warnings to consider. For example, paracetamol-based medicines of any kind must not be taken with alcohol. People who habitually take more than three glasses of liquor a day must be cautioned that prolonged use of Codalgin combined with alcohol may negatively affect the liver and kidneys. Pregnant and nursing mothers should abstain from this drug, as codeine has been known to negatively affect unborn and newborn babies.

Children under the age of 12 should not be administered Codalgin in its full dose. Half a tablet for children between the age of 7-12, depending on body weight, may be dispensed every 3-4 hours as required.
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