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Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges are a soothing daily lozenge that releases probiotics which work to support immunity against winter ills. This product can be used when pregnant/breastfeeding. It is suitable for use by adults and children 3 years of age and over.

DIRECTIONS: For daily maintenance of Throat Health, slowly dissolve one lozenge on the tongue. In times of high need, take a maximum of four lozenges a day. One dose equals one lozenge.

PRECAUTIONS: Use as directed, if symptoms persist or you have an immune compromised condition, seek your doctor's advice.

INGREDIENTS: Live bacteria per lozenge: Streptococcus salivarius K12 (Not less than 100 million) Other Ingredients: Isomalt, Tableting Aids, Strawberry Flavour. This product is dairy and gluten free. Contains no artificial flavours or colours. Store below 25 degrees celsius.

Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges are a daily probiotic supplement that supports natural mouth and throat health and immunity by inhibiting harmful bacteria from flourishing.

This is a unique product that takes an innovative approach to supporting upper respiratory health. The probiotics used in Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges help prevent winter ills & chills or, if illness has already begun, help minimize symptoms and speed up recovery.

Each package of Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges contains 16 lozenges; each lozenge contains the probiotic Streptococcus salivarius K12, a particular strain of a naturally occurring microorganism found in the oral cavities of most people. This product should not be confused with similar Blis ThroatGuard products:

  • Blis K12 ThroatGuard Daily is identical to the product discussed on this page except each package contains 30 lozenges.
  • Blis K12 ThroatGuard Boost is an intensive 3-day treatment which includes 12 lozenges and 30 ml of pharmacy-strength chlorhexidine mouthwash. The mouthwash destroys bacteria in the mouth so the S. salivarius K12 are able to flourish without competition. This product is ideal for those at high risk of exposure to harmful microorganisms.

The lozenges in all these products are identical; each lozenge contains at least 100 million (1 billion) Streptococcus salivarius K12 and are available in either strawberry or vanilla flavor.

Individuals who have high levels of S. salivarius K12 are more resistant to acquiring upper respiratory tract infections and, when they do come down with such infections, tend to have less severe symptoms and recover faster compared to those who have low levels of the microorganism. This is because S. salivarius K12 produces Bacteriocin-Like-Inhibitory-Substances (BLIS), proteins that inhibit the growth of other, similar types of bacteria that often cause painful infections in the upper respiratory tract, such as strep throat.

In brief, people buy Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges to do for the mouth and throat what the more well-known probiotics, often found in yogurt and dietary supplements, do for the gut. Prevention truly is the best medicine and this product provides a natural, safe and lasting means to prevent many common upper respiratory tract infections without relying on antibiotics or other drugs that can produce disruptive side effects.

Taking Blis K12 Throatguard Lozenges

Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges should be taken once per day, either to establish colonies of S. salivarius K12 or to replenish and maintain existing colonies:

  • Allow one lozenge to dissolve on the tongue or chew lozenge thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Avoid cleaning the mouth, eating or drinking hot beverages immediately after consuming a lozenge.

If taking Blis K12 Throatguard Lozenges for the first time it's important to take at least one lozenge a day for 14 days, to ensure colonies are well-established. In some people established colonies self-maintain indefinitely even without further supplementation, but other individuals experience a decline in probiotic populations after 2 or 3 months. Antibiotics, major stress, certain medications, major illnesses and other factors may also cause a steep decline in S. salivarius K12 populations. Taking a daily lozenge over the long term ensures colonies are continually replenished.

During high-risk periods, such as after a round of antibiotics or when other family members, coworkers or schoolmates are starting to come down with winter ills and chills, daily dosage may be increased to 4 lozenges per day, taken 1 to 2 hours apart. This will help ensure that harmful bacteria do not overwhelm S. salivarius K12 colonies.

Because S. salivarius is found in the mouth and throat of nearly all humans, Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges are safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding and in all ages. The product is generally not recommended for use in patients under 3 years of age simply because the lozenges may present a choking hazard.

Full Ingredients

Each lozenge contains: Streptococcus salivarius K12 (not less than 100 million), Isomalt, Tableting Aids, Strawberry or Vanilla Flavor.

Blis K12 ThroatGuard Lozenges are free of gluten, dairy, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring. S. salivarius K12 is not a genetically modified organism.

Blis K12 Throatguard Lozenges

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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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