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Allergies come and allergies go - but when they do come, they sure leave a lasting impression. Allergy attacks are never pleasant and, for some, they even cause mood swings, lack of concentration, poor work performance... talk about ruining one's day! But people who are aware that they suffer from allergy attacks know enough to be prepared, and being prepared means having a can of Beconase nasal spray handy at all times.

The number one use for Beconase nasal spray is for treatment of hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. It is a seasonal allergy which is common in colder regions of the world, and usually takes place in the spring and fall. In countries like New Zealand, however, where the seasons are not so clearly defined, the times when it strikes varies greatly.

Hay fever occurs when a person with nasal allergies encounters pollen that is transported through the air. The kinds of pollen that cause hay fever vary widely from region to region, but it is estimated that 90% of all hay fever incidents are brought about by grass pollen. Hay fever may also be caused by molds - a familiar type of fungus that has no roots, leaves and stems, and also grows indoors. The pollen enters one's nasal passages and irritates them, causing inflammation which makes the eyes and nose areas turn runny and red.

Often this is a minor affliction, which causes discomfort and some clogging in the nose area at the most. But hay fever is by no means anything to scoff at. There are times when allergy attacks become so severe that the afflicted persons become unable to breathe, and even lose consciousness.

Severe hay fever attacks happen often in tandem with asthma. It is assumed that 80% of all people with asthma also have allergic rhinitis to a degree. Pre-existing conditions like asthma and sinusitis are aggravated by hay fever, and without proper precautions, a person may suffer so badly from this allergy that he or she would have to stay in bed to recuperate. This is why Beconase is sometimes used in combination with medication for other conditions.

Beconase Nasal Spray contains beclometasone dipropionate as an active ingredient. It is not only good for hay fevers, but for many other forms of allergy that affect the nose. Rhinitis is the medical term for allergies that inflame the nasal passages. The inflammations could be caused by anything from pollen to dust.

Nothing beats staying away from potentially allergy-causing things, but when it is unavoidable, it is best to ingest a corticosteroid such as Beconase prior to coming in contact with allergenic substances. Corticosteroids are a substance naturally produced as a hormone by our adrenal glands. This hormone prevents allergy attacks from occurring, although in cases where it fails to do so, an artificial corticosteroid supplement is necessary.

Most people start to use this drug one or two days before the start of pollen season. They also use it as a precautionary measure before visiting a new location, or visiting places that are known to contain considerable amounts of dust or animal hair. If it is not easy to predict when attacks will occur, this drug is taken regularly to prevent inflammation from occurring.

Nasal sprays like Beconase are best applied through direct contact - that is, sprayed directly into the nostrils. Nasal sprays are generally non-toxic, and do not cause harm even if they make accidental contact with the skin or any other part of the body, but regular improper use of nasal sprays could lead to some complications. Some people do not spray directly into the nasal passages, and hold the spray at a distance from their faces; as a result they place their eyes and mouths in contact with the drug. This has been known to irritate the eyes and aggravate pre-existing skin conditions, such as acne rosacaea.

While Beconase is safe for use in most situations, one should be wary of using it if they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or allergic to corticosteroids. Corticosteroids can also be found in eyedrops and other nasal drops. If one is taking other corticosteroids besides Beconase, one should also consult one's doctor before using this particular nasal spray.
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