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If you are experiencing the signs and symptoms of airborne allergies, your physician will suggest using an adrenocorticoid nasal steroid like Beconase. When used as a nasal spray, Beconase is highly effective in relieving those annoying discomforts of allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and itching inside the nose that causes painful inflammation. Beconase is much more effective than oral antihistamines, such as Benadryl, for either seasonal or constant airborne allergies.

If you have chronic or seasonal allergies, Beconase must be used at least once daily, or more, for several days before benefits are seen and symptoms are relieved. Although this may seem like a long time to wait for relief using Beconase, consider this: you must take oral medications several times a day for symptoms relief and most of these contain antihistamines that make you drowsy. Using decongestant nasal sprays causes a "rebound effect;" the more you use them, the more your nasal passages become congested. Beconase has none of these side effects, and once maximum relief is obtained, you can depend upon Beconase for round-the-clock relief.

Nasal steroids like Beconase are considered to be quite safe, and are the most effective medications available for the treatment of seasonal and perennial airborne allergies. The great majority of the steroid contained in Beconase remains in the nasal passages; very little of the steroid actually enters your bloodstream. Thus, by using Beconase as directed, you need not be concerned about adverse reactions from frequent steroid use.

The chemical name for Beconase is "Beclomethasone." In most forms and strengths, Beconase is available as a generic, thus saving you hundreds of dollars. One form, Beconase AQ is not yet available as a generic. Beconase is not habit-forming like fast-acting nasal decongestants. In addition to relieving your allergy symptoms, Beconase is also used for shrinking nasal polyps and the non-infectious inflammation that often occurs with allergies.

Beconase is usually used by spraying it twice into each nostril every twelve hours. You should use it at the same time every day, such as morning and evening. Do not sneeze or blow your nose for ten minutes after using Beconase. You should not use Beconase if you are allergic to cortisone or any other steroid medication. Your physician will talk with you about the other ingredients in Beconase to make sure you won't have an allergic reaction to any of them. If you are over age 60, Beconase is still safe for you, with no special problems expected. If you are a breast-feeding mother, you should know that Beconase might pass into milk; you will need to talk to your physician about using Beconase while you're breast-feeding. With children and infants, your pediatrician must decide if using Beconase is appropriate and safe. You should not drive, operate machinery or climb ladders until you know how Beconase affects you. It is recommended that you not use Beconase if you drink alcohol regularly, since this combination could cause less alertness and slower reflexes. Your physician needs to know what other medications you're taking so that you don't experience a dangerous drug interaction while using Beconase.

Every medication you take has side effects. Some are serious and the drug must be discontinued, while some are merely bothersome. Beconase has no overdose syndrome for adults, so you can feel safe while using it. Beconase has no life-threatening side effects. Common side effects include sneezing and burning or dryness of the nose; you should continue using Beconase but call your doctor about these side effects when convenient. You should discontinue using Beconase if you have crusting inside your nose, nosebleeds, sore throat, ulcers in the nose, coughing, headache, hoarse voice, nausea, bloody nasal mucous and runny nose. Call your doctor right away. While using Beconase, if you experience white patches in your nose or throat or have eye pain, and wheezing breaths, stop using Beconase and seek emergency medical treatment.
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