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BD Microfine Syringes are a time-proven, consistently reliable delivery system for insulin, designed for patients who self-administer.

These syringes represent some of the thinnest needles available---which translates to greater convenience, accuracy and comfort. Needles are designed to administer insulin directly to the subcutaneous tissue without the need for a lifted skin fold, ensuring the insulin goes exactly where it will be most effective.

BD Microfine Syringes are Always Accurate

As opposed to syringes, insulin auto-inject pens are currently all the rage and everyone seems to want one---until they get one. Though some users report good experiences with pens, many others report a variety of issues, not the least of which are concerns about accuracy.

It isn't uncommon for insulin pens to begin to leak insulin after a certain number of seconds. Users have ejected the insulin from auto-inject pens into measuring devices for testing purposes, and discovered that many pens dispense an inconsistent amount of insulin from dose to dose. Comparing the delivered dose side by side with that of syringes, it quickly became clear that syringes are the most consistent.

Users have also reported pens which 'stick' mid-dose, causing doubt as to how much insulin was actually delivered. Other than relative lack of pain, consistency of dose is the most important feature of an insulin delivery device.

With BD Microfine syringes a user does not have to take on faith that they're receiving the correct dose. They can simply look at the measurement scale on the side of each syringe to see exactly how much insulin it contains. It is also much easier to make dose adjustments with syringes.

BD Microfine Syringes are Dependable

Those auto-inject pens with the most advanced features, such as data download capability, also rely on batteries. Most people have had the experience of a failed battery in a device, such as a flashlight or cell phone. It seems unlikely anyone would want to experience battery failure in a device designed to sustain their very life.

BD Microfine syringes do not require batteries. The surest way to eliminate battery failure issues is to eliminate the battery. Many people are questioning whether they want an insulin device capable of telling them what time it is, or one that simply works well when they need it most.

Some of the newer pens with advanced features can be big and bulky, taking up a lot more space than a syringe. This can be important if your travel kit includes a glucometer, test strips, insulin vials, glucose tabs, a journal, and maybe more.

With the considerable improvements of BD Microfine syringes over older syringes, more and more patients are rediscovering the beauty in their simplicity.

BD Microfine Syringes are Virtually Pain-Free

Probably the most desirable feature of the newer auto-inject pens is that, because the injection is done mechanically, a thinner gauge needle can be used---causing significantly less pain than a larger bore needle. To some it would seem the choice between pen and syringe is a choice between pain and no pain.

BD Microfine syringes represent the best of both worlds. In addition to the steadfast reliability and convenience of traditional syringes, they also feature a much finer needle gauge, approaching that of the most pain-free auto-pens. BD Microfine syringes have taken an old, time-tested concept and improved it considerably.

BD Microfine syringes are also less expensive per dose than pens, and are far less expensive than insulin pumps.

To summarize, features of BD Microfine syringes include:

  • Precision
  • Reliability
  • Easy to store
  • Relatively pain-free
  • Affordable
  • No power source required

For patients looking for a reliable insulin delivery system with greater convenience and less expense than pens, BD Microfine syringes are the obvious choice.

BD Ultrafine II

31G - 0.25 x 8mm - U100 insulin syringes  Buy BD Ultrafine II 100 X .3ml - $28.53
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Buy BD Ultrafine II 100 X .3ml 31G - 0.... $28.53 Add

Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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