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Is Generic Allegra as Good as Branded?

Every time your doctor recommends a brand of medicine, the law empowers you to ask for the generic name of this medicine, if you wish to know it. This is to give you, as the patient, an opportunity to buy a cheaper generic version of the medicine you require. The case is the same with generic Allegra, as well as other branded allergy medications.

There are some notable advantages to buying generic medicines. In the case of generic Allegra, one may expect that it can perform its most basic function as well as its branded counterpart - that is, preventing allergy outbreaks before they even begin. Generic medicines are generally cheaper than their branded counterparts, which means you get pretty much the same quality at a much lower cost.

Why are branded medicines so expensive? That this question always has to be asked makes it so hard to believe generic and branded medicines could be equally effective. If branded medicine costs more, it must be more effective, right?

This is not the case at all. Branded medicines are only expensive because the companies that manufacture them spent a great deal of money to develop and market the drugs. The advertising costs alone could cost a pretty penny! In order to recover the exorbitant costs of manufacturing medicine, pharmaceutical companies must charge more.

On the other hand, generic medicines are not packaged, marketed or developed at a high cost. In fact, small manufacturers of generic medicines work on a very small budget, and could only develop medicines that have not been patented. Once a major pharmaceutical company has developed a new drug, it quickly secures a patent for this drug, so manufacturers of generic drugs must wait until this patent has expired before they can create a cheaper version.

Most types of allergy medication are considered "maintenance medicine" - that is, medicine that you regularly consume in order to prevent a particular condition from acting up. As such, allergy medication is frequently bought in bulk. It is taken once or twice a day, or as directed by the label or a physician, even before an allergy attack has begun.

Those who suffer from severe allergy attacks consider maintenance medication an important part of their daily routines. Making a great deal of savings from a bulk purchase of this medicine ouht to be a great help to one's budget. If you want to save on the cost of medicine, always go for generic - but make sure that you are purchasing from a trustworthy source!

As for the question of whether or not generic Allegra is as effective as its branded counterparts - the answer would largely depend on the pharmacy you purchased it from. Generally, generic Allegra is potent enough to prevent allergy attacks. A good pharmacy should be able to sell you generic drugs at a greatly reduced cost. However, if you don't choose a reliable pharmacy, you may be purchasing diluted or even fake medicines for much more than they're worth.
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