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* Allegra D Does Away With Allergy and Cold Symptoms

If you're looking for long-lasting allergy medication that could also be an effective cough and cold medicine, you should look into Allegra D. As part of the Allegra line of medicines, it comes with the assurance that it effectively tempers allergic reactions - and in addition, it keeps distressing cold and flu symptoms in check.

This medicine contains the antihistamine fexofenadine, and pseudoephedrine, a decongestant. These two components ensure that this medication suppresses allergic reactions while shrinking blood vessels in the nasal passages, allowing mucus to flow through more easily. This is especially useful for people who often suffer from sniffling, stuffy noses, and sinus problems during allergy attacks.

* Some Things to Consider Before Taking Allegra D

Allegra D comes in two dosages: 12 Hour and 24 Hour. As the names indicate, these are doses that vary in duration of effectiveness. You can take the 12 Hour dose twice a day, while the 24 Hour dose may only be taken once a day. It is vital that you avoid taking more than the dosage recommended by the medicine packet, or your physician.

It is important to bear in mind that either dose is not recommended for use on children. Allegra D is strictly adult medication. Not all adults can take it, however; adults with existing renal or blood pressure conditions should refrain from using this product before seeking the advice of a physician. Women who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant should consult their doctors before taking this medicine. Breastfeeding women may wish to avoid taking this medicine, as it may pass into breastmilk and harm the infant.

Moreover, a responsible adult should exercise great care when taking this medicine in combination with other drugs. If you are taking any other medication, even over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, consult your physician before taking Allegra D. This would include nutritional supplements such as herbal products, vitamins, minerals and painkillers such as aspirin or other salicylates.

If you are regularly ingesting high blood medicines, urinary or bladder medications, or prescription beta blockers such as atenolol (Tenormin), carteolol (Cartrol), timolol (Blocadren) and sotalol (Betapace), you should inform your physician about these medicines before taking any sort of allergy medication. You may not be able to take Allegra D, or you may need dosage adjustments or careful monitoring during treatment.

Like some strong allergy medications, Allegra D may come with mild side effects. The side effects of the 12 Hour and 24 Hour doses are similar to the side effects you may experience when taking Allegra 60 and Allegra 180 respectively. With Allegra 60, or the 12 hour Allegra D dose, you may experience headache, insomnia or nausea, while with Allegra 180, or the 24-hour Allegra D, you may experience backache in addition to the aforementioned symptoms. Continue taking these medicines if you experience such afflictions, but make it a point to tell your doctor about these side effects as soon as you detect them.

This medicine is best taken on an empty stomach, for faster relief. But if you have any stomach problems, consult your doctor before taking it, as it may also trigger existing digestive disorders. Avoid taking antacids with this medicine.

Allergic reactions to antihistamines are rare, but they do happen. If you should experience an allergic reaction to Allegra D - among which are difficulty breathing, severe palpitations, swelling of the tongue, lips or face, or breaking out in hives - you should be taken to the nearest emergency medical center for immediate treatment.
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