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5ml Oral Medicine Syringe has measures for each ml as well as for 1 teaspoon (5ml) marked on it. It also has each quarter, half and three quarters teaspoon measure marked on it.

5ml Oral Medicine Syringes are ideal for administering small amounts of medication, or administering medication to small children or pets. These syringes are medical grade, sterile, and ready for use.

5ml Oral Medicine Syringes can hold, as the name suggests, up to 5 ml of medication, or one teaspoon. Convenient markings on the side help users choose any smaller amount as well. As these are oral syringes, there is no needle at the tip. They're designed to administer fluid or soft foods directly into the mouth. Otherwise they work the same; the stopper is pulled up to draw in medication, and depressed to expel it.

Use in People

Probably the biggest use for 5ml Oral Medicine Syringes in people involves babies. Medications are often prescribed in very small amounts, smaller than a full teaspoon, and even if one could easily measure these amounts, they're difficult to administer in a spoon. The oral syringe allows for insertion of the tip into the mouth itself, where it is expelled and---hopefully---swallowed rather than spilled or spit out.

The medication being administered will vary. If it was prescribed by a doctor and a medical syringe will be used, it may have a special top that allows the tip of the syringe to be inserted. Often times, however, lids are not so designed, and there's little choice but to open it and stick the syringe in. This is fine if using a new syringe each time, which is recommended by many manufactures but often not followed.

If re-using a syringe, it should be disassembled and cleaned well after each use; washed in warm, soapy water and allowed to thoroughly dry. Note that plastic syringes, and especially the rubber gasket on the tip of the plunger, will not hold up to being boiled, steamed, or placed in a microwave.

While syringes are inexpensive, the cost adds up quickly if using one or more a day for more than a few days, which is why they're often re-used. This will work for a while, but eventually the markings on the side will begin to fade. At that point it's definitely time to buy a new one.

Aside from use in babies, 5ml Oral Medicine Syringes are sometimes used in patients who have dementia and/or have difficulty swallowing medications. Use in these scenarios are the same as above.

5ml Oral Medicine Syringes are rather small for feeding purposes, but can be used. The food will ideally be soft enough to be sucked into the syringe by withdrawing the plunger, such as yogurt or baby food. Occasionally food is a bit too thick, and the plunger can be withdrawn completely from the syringe and filled through the larger hole at the top. If doing this, be sure to depress the plunger before feeding to ensure there's no air bubbles and to ensure the food is thin enough that it can be slowly expelled. Some thicker foods can't work in such small syringes.

Use in Pets

5ml Oral Medicine Syringes are commonly used to administer medication in small pets, or to feed severely ill pets. In these cases a new syringe is rarely used with each administration.

As liquid medications are nearly always administered via syringe, odds are good that the medication's lid will be designed to take an oral syringe. This is not always the case, though, and sometimes pet owners will need to resort to opening the lid.

Food can be difficult. When a pet is so ill that syringe feeding is necessary, owners may have a hard time finding foods soft enough for use in a syringe. Baby food (for humans) works well and is usually free of additives and preservatives. Owners can also always prepare their own food if they have a food processor. There are many, many recipes available online, and as concern for sick or dying pets grows, more and more liquid food options are becoming available for purchase.

In Closing

5ml Oral Medicine Syringes offer a convenient---and sometimes vital---means of administering medication and food to small beings. Often the first syringe will be provided by the doctor or vet prescribing the medication, but after that patients will need to find their own---Kiwi Drug is happy to offer these syringes to our clients around the world.

If 5ml Oral Medicine Syringes are too big or too small, they're also available in other sizes; 1 ml, 2.5 ml, and 10 ml are all widely available and inexpensive.

5ml Oral Medicine Syringe

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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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