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Prolixin (fluphenazine) is an antipsychotic medication in use since the 1940s, predominantly in treating schizophrenia, though it does see use in other conditions.

The medication acts on the central nervous system, though the exact mechanism of action in inhibiting psychotic behavior is unclear. It can be used to disrupt psychotic episodes or, with longer-term use, to reduce their frequency and severity. Patients on Prolixin have fewer episodes of delusions or hallucinations, and exhibit less erratic behavior.

The medication can be used in patients as young as 12. It should not be used under any circumstances to modify behavior in patients with mental retardation, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or brain damage due to injury. It should also not be used in patients with liver disease, blood cell disorders, bone marrow disorders, or if taking medications with a sedative effect. Use of Prolixin in these scenarios can produce very serious, even fatal, complications.

Taking Back Control with Prolixin

Conditions like schizophrenia can have a tremendously negative impact on all aspects of a patient's life, as well as the patient's family, friends, and caretakers. Managing the condition with medications like Prolixin often enables patients to live fulfilling, independent lives that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Treatment best starts under doctor supervision. Individual response to Prolixin can vary greatly between individuals; patients are typically given very small amounts at first, gradually increased until an effective dose is found. Because Prolixin has effects on nearly every organ in the body, the lowest possible dose is highly desirable.

Prolixin comes in both tablets and elixir for injection. While most patients prefer tablets, injections are faster-acting and more easily adjustable if dosage modifications are needed. Injections are standard if an episode is happening, while tablets may be taken for maintenance when the situation is stabilized.

Dosage can vary tremendously according to patient response, and will depend if treating an ongoing episode or maintaining the condition while stable.

In psychotic episodes, As little as 1 mg may be given at first, and it may be increased up to 40 mg per day. The majority of patients have satisfactory results under 20 mg. Higher doses are typically divided into smaller doses given throughout the day. Higher doses should not be taken long-term.

For maintenance doses most patients find 1 mg or 5 mg per day effective, usually in a single daily dose, with or without food as desired. Patients who experience stomach upset may have better results if taking with food or milk.

Maintenance treatment may continue for as long as deemed beneficial; it may take a couple of weeks of regular use to see significant improvements.

Precautions & Side Effects

If using the injectable version of Prolixin, the elixir should be inspected before each use. There may be wispy threads visible; these should disappear and the fluid be clear after gentle shaking. If the fluid is not clear after gentle shaking, it should not be used.

Prolixin, like other antipsychotic medications, can produce extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) in patients, though it is rare. This term refers to a range of movement disorders, including:

  • Tremors
  • Rapid or irregular breathing
  • Uncontrolled movements of head, limbs, back, or face
  • Excessive pacing or foot-tapping
  • Muscle stiffness or rigidity
  • No arm movement when walking
  • Inability to make facial expressions
  • Drooling

There is an association with EPS being more likely to develop with higher doses and longer-term treatment. In many cases, but unfortunately not all, symptoms will reverse if treatment stops. Patients should be alert for symptoms developing and seek medical attention at the earliest signs something is wrong.

Prolixin can interact with a wide range of other medications, including some over-the-counter medications. Check with a doctor or pharmacist before taking any other medication for the duration of treatment with Prolixin.

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