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Elocon - mometasone - 0.1%-30G - 1 Tube Elocom/​Elocon mometasone Brand United Kingdom 0.1%-30G 1 Tube DR $43.33 Add
Elocon - mometasone - 0.1%-100G - 1 Tube Elocom/​Elocon mometasone Brand United Kingdom 0.1%-100G 1 Tube DR $65.65 Add
Elocon - mometasone - 0.1%-30G - 3 Tubes Elocom/​Elocon mometasone Brand United Kingdom 0.1%-30G 3 Tubes DR $78.78 Add
Elocon - mometasone - 0.1%-100G - 3 Tubes Elocom/​Elocon mometasone Brand United Kingdom 0.1%-100G 3 Tubes DR $151.00 Add
Momin - mometasone - 0.1%-15G - 1 Tube Elocom/​Momin mometasone Brand India 0.1%-15G 1 Tube DR $19.99 Add
Momin - mometasone - 0.1%-15G - 3 Tubes Elocom/​Momin mometasone Brand India 0.1%-15G 3 Tubes DR $34.99 Add
Momin - mometasone - 0.1%-15G - 10 Tubes Elocom/​Momin mometasone Brand India 0.1%-15G 10 Tubes DR $59.99 Add

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Elocom (mometasone) is a topical cream most commonly used to treat certain kinds of rashes. It reduces skin irritation such as pain, itching and inflammation.

Typically used when less powerful steroids do not effectively manage symptoms, Elocom is relatively potent and thus carries greater risk of side effects, especially if used improperly. The exact mechanism by which Elocom works is not clear, but it produces several beneficial actions within the body that reduce inflammation in the affected area.

Effective Use of Elocom

Elocom cream is most often used to treat rashes from:

  • Eczema
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis
  • Allergic reactions
  • Psoriasis

It is also sometimes used to help treat phimosis, a condition in which the foreskin or clitoral hood is unable to retract fully from the penile or clitoral glans.

Equally important are conditions which Elocom should not be used to treat:

  • Viral skin infections, such as chicken pox or cold sores
  • Fungal skin infections, such as thrush or athlete's foot
  • Bacterial skin infections, such as carbuncles or impetigo
  • Rashes covering a large part of the body
  • Open wounds or ulcers
  • Rashes on mucous membranes such as the mouth or genitals

The medication is unlikely to be helpful, and may even be harmful, for treating viral, bacterial or fungal infections--it is highly advisable to have a rash identified by a doctor before using Elocom. If used over large portions of the body, or on open wounds or sores, too much of the medication may be absorbed, increasing risk of severe side effects.

Similarly, the medication should be used with extreme caution, and preferably only with explicit doctor instruction, to treat:

  • Rashes on the face
  • Rashes in the groin, armpits or under skin folds
  • Rashes which require dressing or other coverings, such as diapers

Any sort of covering--whether from a dressing or from continual skin contact--will cause considerably larger amounts of the medication to be absorbed. Use on the face may produce blemishes such as bumps or redness, which should disappear after treatment ends; but it may also cause pigment changes, which could be permanent.

Administering Elocom is the same in the vast majority of cases, regardless of the cause of the rash:

  • Wash and dry hands and affected area.
  • Apply a thin layer of cream to affected area once daily.
  • Gently rub in and allow to dry.
  • Wash hands and any unaffected skin which came into contact with the cream.

Improvements might be noticeable in days, or it might take a week or two. If no improvements are noticed after two weeks of daily use, alternative therapies should be considered.

Side Effects

When used properly, side effects are fairly rare. The vast majority of side effects involve the skin around the affected area, and are not cause for concern unless severe:

  • Tingling, stinging, burning or itching
  • Changes in skin pigmentation
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Easy bruising

Stop using the product until speaking with doctor if experiencing:

  • Spread of rash or worsening symptoms
  • Signs of infection; heat, swelling, or discharge
  • Spots or bumps on skin
  • Sores or ulcers

More serious side effects happen when too much of the medication is absorbed into the bloodstream, as can happen by applying the cream to open wounds or not allowing the application site to breathe, as described above. Relatively large amounts in the blood can interfere with the body's natural production of steroids, which may lead to a range of complications.

Effects on unborn or nursing babies is somewhat disputed; parents should discuss benefits versus risks with a trusted doctor before starting treatment.

Elocom is unlikely to interfere with other medications.

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