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Daktacort - miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone - 2% - 30G Cream Daktacort miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone Brand United Kingdom 2% 30G Cream DR $25.76 Add
Daktacort - miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone - 2% - 30G Ointment Daktacort miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone Brand United Kingdom 2% 30G Ointment DR $25.76 Add
Daktacort - miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone - 2% - 3 X 30G Cream Daktacort miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone Brand United Kingdom 2% 3 X 30G Cream DR $56.64 Add
Daktacort - miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone - 2% - 3 X 30G Ointment Daktacort miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone Brand United Kingdom 2% 3 X 30G Ointment DR $56.64 Add

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Daktacort (miconazole nitrate) is a topical fungicide that also has antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. The medication is most commonly used to treat topical fungal infections, such as athlete's foot, jock itch, or vaginal yeast infections. Daktacort has also been used to treat ring worm, pityriasis versicolor, and other select conditions.

When to Use Daktacort

Daktacort can be used to topical fungal infections over most of the body, with the notable exception of the face. The medication is sometimes used to treat eczema or dermatitis on the face, when the conditions are complicated by fungal or bacterial infection, but this should be done as sparingly as possible and patients will want to be alert for developing complications---it can cause discoloring, thinning skin, and other unsightly or uncomfortable side effects.

The medication should not applied to the mouth, eyes, or nose, but can be applied to genitals and the anus. Daktacort relieves the itching, irritation, and burning associated with vaginal yeast infections, and is also helpful in treating symptoms of jock itch. In treating fungal infections of the groin for either gender, meticulous hygiene and use of breathable garments---which allow the affected area to stay drier---will help speed recovery.

Fungal infections can appear elsewhere on the body, particularly in skin folds or any area that remains moist and/or rubs together, such as thighs or buttocks. Athlete's foot is another common disorder treatable by Daktacort; common symptoms include scaling or blistering of the soles of the feet, cracked toe webs, and itching. Using Daktacort in conjunction with breathable cotton socks and shoes can improve comfort and decrease recovery time.

Many patients also utilize powdered antifungals---such as Daktarin Powder, which contains the same active ingredient as Daktacort---to help prevent spread or reinfection. Powders can be sprinkled in shoes, bedding, or even to moist areas, such as skin folds.

How to Use Daktacort

Application is simple and similar in most cases, though patients will want to note that there are two formulas of Daktacort available:

  • Daktacort Cream is water-based, easily absorbed into the skin. It is best for moist areas, such as skin folds, where effort is being made to keep the area dry.
  • Daktacort Ointment is oil-based; it is best used on dry areas where moisture is not a concern or even desirable. It is thicker and greasier than the cream.

Whichever is being used, it should be applied directly to the infected area and gently rubbed in. There should be significant improvements seen within 7 days of use; if the condition has not noticeably improved---or worsens at any point of treatment---alternative treatments should be considered. If the medication fails to produce results the infection may not be fungal or it may be a resistant strain.

If Daktacort is producing good results, treatment should continue until the condition is completely cleared up and then for several days after to be sure any lingering fungi are destroyed.

Precautions & Side Effects

Since Daktacort is used topically side effects are usually minimal. Most commonly reported are:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Headaches
  • Rash

The medication may cause mild burning, itching, or irritation of the application site, especially after the first few uses. This is not cause for concern unless severe. Rarely some patients have an allergic reaction to Daktacort; symptoms typically develop quickly and rapidly become severe, including hives, swelling of the face or throat, difficulty breathing, and rapid or erratic heartbeat. If these occur wash the medication off immediately and seek emergency medical attention.

Note that Daktacort can damage latex products, such as condoms or diaphragms, rendering them considerably less reliable in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. This is particularly a concern if either partner is using the medication on the groin.

Daktacort should not be used in patients under 13 years of age without explicit doctor approval.

Use is not advisable while pregnant unless absolutely necessary.

If Daktacort is ingested by children or pets seek emergency medical attention.

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