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  • Cosopt
  • 2%/0.5% - 5ML
  • 2%/0.5%10 ML
  • 2%/0.5%5 ML
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Cosopt - dorzolamide/timolol - 2%/0.5% - 5ML - 1 Pack Cosopt dorzolamide/timolol Brand United Kingdom 2%/0.5% - 5ML 1 Pack DR $46.78 Add
Cosopt - dorzolamide/timolol - 2%/0.5%5 ML - 1 PAK Cosopt dorzolamide/timolol Brand New Zealand 2%/0.5%5 ML 1 PAK RX $57.00 Add
Cosopt - dorzolamide/timolol - 2%/0.5%10 ML - 1 PAK Cosopt dorzolamide/timolol Brand New Zealand 2%/0.5%10 ML 1 PAK RX $82.00 Add
Cosopt - dorzolamide/timolol - 2%/0.5%5 ML - 3 PAK Cosopt dorzolamide/timolol Brand New Zealand 2%/0.5%5 ML 3 PAK RX $107.00 Add
Cosopt - dorzolamide/timolol - 2%/0.5%10 ML - 3 PAK Cosopt dorzolamide/timolol Brand New Zealand 2%/0.5%10 ML 3 PAK RX $162.00 Add

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Cosopt Ophthalmic Solution 

Cosopt is prescribed for people with excessive pressure in the eyes.  This condition is often caused by open-angle glaucoma.  Cosopt effectively reduces the production of the liquid causing the problem.  Cosopt is important because high pressure in the eye leads to an eventual damaged optic nerve and blindness.  Cosopt is prescribed for continual use, even when the eyes feel better. 

Cosopt Eye Drops 

Cosopt is applied with an eyedropper.  If it is used in combination with other drops or ointments, Cosopt should not be used immediately before or after the other medication.  Allow ten minutes between applications. 

If contact lenses are used, they must be removed to apply Cosopt.  Benzalkonium chloride is a preservative in Cosopt and will absorb into the contact lens.  Allow a minimum of fifteen minutes before reapplying contacts after Cosopt eye drops are placed in the eyes. 

To apply Cosopt, wash your hands before touching the area around your eye, then tilt your head back and pull your lower eyelid down slightly forming a small pocket between the eyelid and the eye. Turn the Cosopt bottle upside down and press the designated area lightly with your finger.  You only need one drop per eye.  Don't touch the eyelids with the Cosopt dropper tip because it can contaminate the medicine. 

Apply Cosopt at the same time each day, and as often as prescribed by your doctor.  Do not double up doses of Cosopt if you miss one.  Store Cosopt at room temperature in an area away from light. 

Cosopt Generic 

One generic solution that works the same as Cosopt contains Dorzolamide, a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, and Timolol Maleate, a beta-blocker.  No studies have been conducted to test the generic ophthalmic solution against Cosopt. 

Cosopt Side Effects 

Known side effects that may occur when using Cosopt include altered taste, blurred vision, itching eyes, red eyelids, burning and/or stinging eyes, and an inflamed cornea.  Not all side effects with Cosopt can be anticipated.  If you have problems that stem from the use of Cosopt, tell your doctor. 

Do not use Cosopt if you have or have had asthma.  If you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, do not use Cosopt.  If you are suffering from shock or have heart failure or rhythm problems, abstain from using Cosopt. 

Cosopt Precautions 

Eye drops can affect the entire body, and so does Cosopt.  In some minimal instances, the Timolol in Cosopt has caused fatal asthma attacks or even heart failure.  Dorzolamide has been known to lead to fatal allergic reactions.  Use of Cosopt may lead to the development of hives, blisters, inflamed eyes, swollen eyelids, or other allergic reactions. 

Inform your surgeon that you are using Cosopt if you are having surgery.  It may be necessary to lower the dose until after the operation.  If you have a thyroid condition or diabetes, monitor closely to be sure there are no complications.  If Cosopt is taken at the same time as other drugs, the effects can be counter productive.  Always inform your doctor of any changes in your health while using Cosopt.

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