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  • Aknemycin Plus Solution
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Aknemycin Plus Solution - erythromycin/tretinoin - 4.0%/0.025% - 25ml Aknemycin Plus Solution erythromycin/tretinoin Brand United Kingdom 4.0%/0.025% 25ml DR $35.61 Add

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Aknemycin Plus Solution (erythromycin, tretinoin) is a topical treatment for acne. It contains two active ingredients, both of which are effective at combating acne on their own:

  • Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic effective against Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria associated with acne. The medication does not outright kill bacteria, but interferes with proteins needed for it to thrive and spread.
  • Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative which causes skin cells to die, shed, and be replaced faster than normal. This action helps prevent blemishes from forming and becoming visible.

Combined, these two medications can significantly clear up acne. However, it will take several weeks before acne is noticeably improved---and it may even worsen for the first few weeks of treatment. This is understandably frustrating for individuals impatient for clear skin; most patients will find the pay-off is worth the temporary drawbacks, though, as Aknemycin Plus Solution treats the deeper, underlying issue and is not simply covering up symptoms.

Other facial products can be used along with Aknemycin Plus Solution provided they're applied after the medication has been absorbed and dried. Moisturizers are commonly used, as Aknemycin Plus Solution can be drying. Makeup is also frequently used.

How to Use Aknemycin Plus Solution

Each vial of Aknemycin Plus Solution contains a built-in applicator on top of the vial; patients can wet this applicator pad prior to each use, then apply it directly to the skin. More detailed instructions for use are included with each package. Alternatively, cotton swabs or similar materials may be used to apply the medication.

Frequency of use is variable, depending largely on patient response. Aknemycin Plus Solution is a potent medication and overuse can cause uncomfortable and unsightly skin damage. When applied, skin may sting/burn and turn slightly red; this is normal and should pass quickly. Pain, severe redness, flaking or peeling, and so forth are not normal and indicate that too much medication is being used. In these cases frequency of use should be reduced.

In other words:

  • Apply a thin layer of Aknemycin Plus Solution to affected areas.
  • Most patients can do so once per day.
  • A few patients can do so twice per day, morning and evening.
  • Other patients can use the medication every other day, or even every two days.

Avoid getting the medication in mucous membranes, particularly the eyes. Rinse with cool water if this occurs. If pain or other symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

Patients should also take care to avoid using Aknemycin Plus Solution on damaged skin; skin that is broken, sunburned, infected, and so forth. The tretinoin in this product can worsen these conditions.

Duration of treatment is typically 9 to 12 weeks, though it may continue longer if needed. Many patients find skin is fully cleared by this time, and use Aknemycin Plus Solution as a spot-treatment for the occasional pimple. In general, Aknemycin Plus Solution will prevent developing pimples from maturing and, if missed at the early development stage, will get rid of mature pimples within three days.


Aknemycin Plus Solution should not be used:

  • By women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • By individuals with a family or personal history of skin tumors
  • To treat eczema or rosacea
  • To treat perioral dermatitis, a condition in which one develops a rash around the mouth

The medication may cause skin sensitivity to increase, and usually causes dryness. Patients should take care to avoid tanning and sun exposure, as well as soaps or other skin care products that contain alcohol or other drying agents. Skin may also lighten during use, though this will reverse when treatment ends. While other skin products are often used during treatment with Aknemycin Plus Solution, it's a good idea to check with a doctor or pharmacist first.

Side effects associated with treatment include:

  • Dry skin
  • Skin redness
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Peeling
  • Blistering or crusting
  • Increased photosensitivity
  • Temporary changes to pigmentation

Many of the above---rash, peeling, blistering, and so forth---can be managed by reducing the frequency with which the medication is applied.

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