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Stanozolol (stanozolol) is a synthetic steroid which, when taken, produces effects similar to testosterone. In medical applications dosage is usually too low for this action to be significant, however.

This medication is most frequently given to treat anemia, and to treat or prevent hereditary angioedema, in which the skin and mucus membranes may rapidly and severely swell. It also has some veterinary applications.

Abuse of this anabolic steroid is rampant; stanozolol is commonly used as a performance enhancer, weight loss aid, and to promote fat loss and muscle growth in both humans and animals, though this practice is illegal in most places for all species.

Dosage & Administration of Stanozolol

Dosage may vary to some extent, depending on the condition being treated as well as patient response to treatment. The majority of patients are started on 2 mg, taken 3 times daily, though some patients require more for desired results and some patients are able to control symptoms with significantly less.

Duration of treatment is also variable; it may be taken long term, spanning months or longer, or as-needed use may suffice to suppress symptoms. During long-term treatment doses should be at the same times each day to maintain steady levels of the drug in the system. Doses should also be spread as evenly apart as possible. Missed doses should be taken as soon as remembered.

Tablets may be taken with or without food; taking with food may prevent nausea. Plenty of fluids should be consumed during treatment to prevent dehydration, which may worsen certain side effects.

Safety & Side Effects

Certain types of cancer thrive on hormones like testosterone; individuals with cancer, or at high risk of developing cancer, should discuss risks with a doctor prior to starting treatment.

In otherwise healthy adults stanozolol is unlikely to produce dangerous side effects even at very high doses; some performance enhancers take over 50 mg daily for extended periods. There are exceptions, however, particularly in individuals with preexisting conditions, such as liver problems.

Though rarely dangerous, this medication does produce side effects similar to testosterone supplementation:
Deepening voice
Body & facial hair growth
Increased or decreased libido
Skin changes
Menstrual changes
Increased erections
Enlarged clitoris
Mood swings
Swollen or tender breasts
When used to treat a medical condition dosage strengths are usually so low that side effects will be minimal. Higher levels, which are generally considered steroid abuse, are likely to produce at least some of the above effects. Women, who naturally have low levels of testosterone, are more likely to experience or notice side effects.

One potential side effect which is cause for concern is interference with liver function. Symptoms include abdominal pain, yellowing of the skin and/or eyes and light-colored stools. If these symptoms occur treatment should stop until a physician can be consulted. If caught early symptoms are likely reversible.

Stanozolol is unlikely to impact other medications or supplements, though the risk of side effects is greatly increased if taking it with other steroids. It should be used with caution when taking any medication or supplement which thins the blood; stanozolol may enhance this effect.

While stanozolol is occasionally given in very low doses to children for the purpose of treating conditions such as angioedema, this should be done only under close doctor supervision. It can potentially be quite harmful to still-developing bodies.

It is unknown if stanozolol passes through breast milk; use should be avoided by nursing women. Pregnant women should avoid use altogether.
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