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Nebicard (nebivolol) is a beta blocker most commonly used to help manage hypertension. It lowers blood pressure and reduces strain on the heart. It is also sometimes prescribed to alleviate symptoms of angina and to help lower the heart's workload in heart failure, and may be used in other heart or circulation related conditions.

Other medications, such as diuretics, are often used at the same time to further lower blood pressure or ease other symptoms. These other medications may modify the dosage of Nebicard.

Note that Nebicard is a long-term treatment; it does not alleviate immediate issues, such as chest pain in patients with angina. Rescue medications, if needed, should also be prescribed, and used as-needed.

What to Expect from Treatment

Nebicard comes in tablets, which are nearly always taken just once per day. Food is optional, according to personal preference. Scored tablets may be split, and all tablets may be crushed and mixed in moist foods, provided the food is consumed immediately.

It usually takes about two weeks for full effects to be seen, including after dosage adjustments. At least two weeks should pass before results are evaluated and dosage changes made, unless the patient is experiencing disruptive side effects.

For the most part patients won't feel particularly different, as hypertension, heart failure, and most related conditions do not produce significant symptoms until severe. Instead most patients notice gradual, subtle improvements, or perhaps no improvements at all---common with hypertension---but results will definitely be measurable, and can significantly extend life as well as ward off future complications.

Some patients do have noticeable symptoms, such as angina. Angina episodes should become less frequent, and less severe when they do happen.

Treatment with Nebicard is typically long term, and may be in place for the remainder of a patient's life if underlying issues cannot be resolved.

Precautions before Use

Most side effects experienced from Nebicard are related to lowered blood pressure; patients may feel somewhat lightheaded, weak and fatigued for the first few weeks of treatment. These symptoms typically fade away as the body adjusts. If they become severe or persist past the first few weeks, a doctor should be consulted.

Other medical conditions and medications can increase the risk of more severe side effects, however; Nebicard should be used with caution if there is any history of:

  • Chronic breathing ailments, such as asthma or COPD
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Kidney or liver impairment
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Mental or mood disorders
  • Dependency on medications that contain epinephrine, such as severe allergic reactions treated with epi-pens.

Check with a doctor about the safety of taking Nebicard if also taking:

  • Medications that affect heart rhythm
  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Medications to treat mental or mood disorders
  • Medications that affect blood sugar levels

The above medical conditions and medications do not necessarily mean Nebicard should not be used, but it may call for lower doses than in other cases.

Dosage & Administration

Beta blockers like Nebicard are typically prescribed when milder hypertension treatments have failed to manage the high blood pressure on their own. While often effective on its own, it's not uncommon for diuretics, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, and so forth also be used. Note that taking multiple beta blockers can produce very serious side effects.

Nebicard dosage ranges from 2.5 mg to 40 mg per day. Patients are usually started on 5 mg per day; individuals with other medical conditions or taking other medications may be started on 2.5 mg. If the starting 5 mg per day dosage doesn't produce significant results dosage may be increased by 5 mg every two weeks, up to 40 mg per day, though the majority of patients will not require such a high dose.

Treatment is typically the same at all dosage strengths and regardless of what's being treated:

  • Doses are usually taken once per day; splitting a single dose into two or more smaller doses does not provide any benefit.
  • Tablets may be taken with or without food according to personal preference. Taking with food may reduce nausea, if experienced.
  • Tablets may be crushed and mixed with food for patients who have difficulty swallowing whole tablets.
  • Treatment may continue for as long as it provides benefit and no complications develop.
  • Treatment should never be discontinued abruptly; if ending treatment or switching to a different medication dosage should be gradually tapered off over several weeks. Abruptly stopping treatment can cause very serious side effects, including heart attack.

Regular checkups will be needed while determining the ideal dosage to measure how the medication is working. Ideally regular checkups will continue, to monitor for developing side effects.


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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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