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HCG, or Human chorionic gonadotropin , which is derived from the urine of pregnant women, is an injectable drug available commercially in the United States as well as many other countries. Pregnyl, made by Organon, and Profasi, made by Serono, are FDA approved for the treatment of undescended testicles in very young boys, hypogonadism (underproduction of testosterone) and as a fertility drug used to aid in inducing ovulation in women. Among athletes, HCG is used to stimulate natural testosterone production during or after a steroid cycle which has caused natural levels to be reduced. Stopping a steroid cycle abruptly, especially when endogenous androgens are absent, can cause a rapid loss in the athlete\'s newly acquired muscle. When HCG is used to stimulate natural production, a notably pronounced crash may be avoided. Although fakes are not very common, they do exist and should be avoided. More than one athlete has reported unpleasant side effects (fever, aches) due to an un-sterile fake so take caution. HCG is always packaged in 2 different vials,one with a powder and the other with a sterile solvent. These vials need to be mixed before injecting, and refrigerated should any be left for later use.

HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone which is naturally produced in the pituitary gland in males and females of all ages, and produced in significantly higher quantities by the placenta in pregnant women.

HCG is administered by injection. 

Uses of HCG 

The medication has a range of seemingly unrelated uses, and dosage strength depends largely on individual circumstances. The most common uses of HCG include: 

  • Ovulation stimulation in women - HCG will cause ovulation 38 to 40 hours after a single injection is administered. If done to harvest eggs for in vitro fertilization, collection will occur 34 to 36 hours after the injection. Likewise it makes it easy to time intercourse for maximum odds of fertilization. Treatment may be repeated if fertilization does not occur. 
  • Improving male fertility - Injections will be given 2 or 3 times a week for up to one year. Sperm count should be checked at least once a month. If not improved after 6 months, additional treatments may be given along with HCG. Treatment is considered unsuccessful if there is no improvement in sperm count after one year. 
  • Treating hypogonadism (low testosterone) - Injections are given 2 to 3 times weekly, indefinitely. Unless the underlying cause of the low testosterone is corrected, symptoms of hypogonadism will return if treatment stops. 
  • Stimulating testicle dropping in prepubescent boys - Injections are typically given 3 times a week until successful, or until the treatment is determined to be ineffective. The medication may cause an increase of testosterone, putting the child at risk of early puberty, so careful monitoring for symptoms -- facial or pubic hair growth, acne, deepening voice and so forth -- is crucial.
  • Dieting or weight-loss aid - Use as a weight-loss aid is highly controversial, with some areas banning sale of the product for this purpose. Methods vary widely, from daily low-dose injections to infrequent high-dose injections. HCG diets usually also include calorie restriction and dietary changes. Many dieters try to follow plans at home, but there are also clinics which offer HCG injections as part of a professional service.
  • Performance enhancement - HCG is relatively popular in some performance enhancing combinations. It might be used during or after a steroid cycle, as the drug stimulates natural testosterone production which helps prevent the rapid muscle loss associated with steroid cessation. Use of HCG in this manner is also restricted in some area, but not as widely as some other substances, such as anabolic steroids.
HCG is also be used in the veterinary field for many of the above purposes.

Potential Side Effects of HCG

Side effects are rare in all uses of HCG, but they do occur in some individuals and some may be cause for concern: 
  • Severe mood swings 
  • Severe swelling of ankles or feet 
  • Severe abdominal pain, pressure or swelling 
  • Symptoms of stroke 
  • Symptoms of early puberty in boys 
  • Symptoms of hypergonadism (excessive testosterone) in men 
Less concerning side effects include upset stomach, headache, tender or swollen breasts, water retention and restlessness. 

Some patients are poor candidates for HCG, being at much greater risk of serious side effects, particularly patients with:
  • Premature puberty
  • Certain hormone-receptive cancers (such as breast or prostate)
  • Heart, kidney or liver issues
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Migraine headaches
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid or adrenal gland issues
The above conditions do not necessarily rule out use of HCG, but dosage may need to be adjusted and additional checkups may be scheduled to monitor the drug's effect. 

Other medications, supplements and vitamins might interfere with the effectiveness of HCG. Speak with a doctor or pharmacist before taking.



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Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see your health professional.

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  • 2016-01-28 02:48:08 EST
    Good product. After a break from HRT this product brought my normal T production back up and increased the size of my testicles which had shrunk during treatment. I now use in conjunction with HRT so that my testicles don't atrophy, no decrease in testicle size while taking 300 i.u.'s twice weekly while on HRT. Also don't mix with liquid provided as it will quickly deteriorate the HCG if not injected immediately. I buy bacteriostatic water for mixing. I also load all my injections right after mixing product in insulin syringes and freeze them until an injection is needed in order to avoid HCG deterioration which happens even while refrigerated. Been doing this for over a year with this exact product and love the results.
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